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Free hack cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), gift pass, New York City USA engine. Iron Saga cheat list: hoUiDJ - cafe recruit (100x soda water, 100x juice, 100x gift)
7SkrU5 - diamonds
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0FLvR2 - energy
bzfA9g - pets
OxJeOG - superalloy
laPGfx - stamina
y3LgNr - rewards box: skins, purple accessories, heart emblem, capsule, Moon badge, gold coins, purple chest key
g0Wx8y - pilot
qvea0f - mecha
Q07Ztb - great gift code pack 2020
As requested by Vaca, our team will provide assistance to Vaca army in the battle against anti Vaca alliance in North Africe during the 7th north africa unification war. Control: tap target to open fire. Tap the avatar to realease ultimate when ULT is ready. Mechas are auto moving. You can drag them to move if necessary.

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SSS Mechas: Vassago - a mysterious mecha which has a different structure from all exisiting mechas. Its owner is also the mysterious doctor Aoi. It can transform into other forms at the superalloy research institute, and cannot be disassembled.
Belial - ancient mecha, it battled against one of the 12 Grand gods Anubis at River Nile during the Doomsday battle in AD2100. No one knows the results of the battle. They could only see ruins spreading for tens of miles after the battle.
Pilots code: Slokai - 5jQzHZ :the 7th Pope and the grand marshal for the Vatican army. She is arrogant and has no empathy for life, in her opinion, nothing is worth existing except for the machines.
Guinevere - uVG80f:the exclusive medic for team Fritz in OATH company. She is a tender girl who has a crush on becas but is too shy to confess fer feelings to him.

Iron Saga cheats, hack codes

You must upgrade carefully. The cost of upgrading will increase for each upgrade. You are just a c-class mercenary, so don’t go bankrupting because of upgrading your mechas. Unlocking weapons will boost the mecha’s firepower. Install a core - it will greatly boost your dexterity. Different part have different effects. So new part must be equipped as soon as possible.
Weekly S activity points - zwn37F (login once everyday, use stamina, treat the pilots 3 times).
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Cafe - all kinds of pilots come in and out every day. If you meet a pilot you like, don’t forget to entertain him or her. You can have meals with pilots to increase stamina at 21:00 everyday. Increase affection points through interaction with pilots. Recruit heroes when affection points reach to 60. In cafe, you can also entrust the owner or Miss haya ro recruit soldiers. Haya can help you recruit hero one time. vanessa can help you recruit 10 times consecutively.

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1 jIlZKN upgrade
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7 XTgnXF month card
8 vABBlf premium pack
9 GOPFr7 legendary gear
10 HVb88F vip ticket
11 zIUfEi gear pack

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
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Whats new: UI, co-pilot, battle pass, in-game clock, 7-day missions, emal verification, diamond spending event, random event preview box, level ceiling, pilot Kemuri and Karas, new mecha secret keeper and Ju Que Gai, random event, lost Nidhogg rate up. IEXaU9 - supply box
WYxJOe - treasure chest
KwCQJY - multiplayer
xGRF0b - vip status
4ljlZv - star tokens
Hack svX98I - artifacts
Cheat oMIdoO - evade
LLH5zu - elite ticket
J8N9jQ - exchange cheat code

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