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Ironwatch Game story: there you are! Come quickly! Monsters have started appearing everywhere, raiding towns and burning villages. The entire realm is in peril! There isn’t much time. We’ve got to reunite the members of iron watch! A nearby village is being attacked by Orcs. We’ve got to help those people. Edward and Kyra should be able to deal with these monsters. Tap on each hero’s portrait to add them to your team.

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Two enemy parties have been spotted in the area. Defeat the boss, and the monsters will retreat. The Boss is too powerful for you right now, but we can even the playing field. Let’s attack the weaker enemy party. Let’s go over combat basics! Combat is turn based. Both teams assign their actions at the start of each round. Left side - these are your battle dice. They can be used to activate abilities and move your heroes. Each character has a special ability that requires red mana or blue mana.

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You don’t have enough mana to use either hero’s ability, so let’s reroll some dice. Tap the battle die to select it. Tap the reroll button. You now have enough red mana to use Kyra’s ability. Tap Kyra to ready her ability. Tap the fight button to start the round. Each character will perform a basic attack if their ability has not been activated. Silenced targets cannot use abilities.
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You can see what actions the enemy will take at the start of each round. Let’s try to use Edward’s ability. Positioning is important! Most attack and abilities prioritize the closest target in the same row. Each team will perform their assigned moves first, then attack. Blinded enemies miss their basic attacks. Defeated enemies often drop valuable loot. Complete the battle to claim it.
Crits are powerful bonuses that boost a character’s attacks and abilities by 50% for 1 round. When a hero gets a crit, make sure to take advantage of it!
Burning characters take damage at the start of each round.

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