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Welcome to Imenti-pehu, Architect! We are happy to have you here! Vizier Irsu's mercenaries reduced our settlement to a pile of rubble. Alas,we are unable to restore it on our own. Will you lend us a hand?
We've repaired the villa. But we'll need far more resources to restore the settlement to its former state of glory. Tap the building to enter it. Swap two objects to make a three in a row match. To pass the elve, you need to collect the required amount of grapes. You've beaten the level and received a reward: gold and experience.

Jewels of Egypt cheats, hack codes

1. JonHjb4F - resources
2. BKecSg9X - level up
3. Enter 5IdRk8Pj - unlimited moves
4. Pass HBVq6ZVj - energy
5. Dywkr5Wc - gems
6. Enter lFVNzfGa - Big Box of Crystals
7. PbWgXJwX - boss stage
8. TnOlyw2f - upgrade buidling
9. DS9Nqp5W - secret combination
10. K1J0TDtj - game coupon code

Control info Jewels of Egypt: use the hammer to remove an object from the field and move one step closer to victory. The villagers need your help. Complete the quests1 bring back peace and prosperity to these lands. Attention, you need to spend energy points or use hack tools to explore the building. If you win, you will get experience and gold. As it is well known, gods favor the bold. Complete the level until you run out of moves. Use brazier to remove objects from nine cells. Tap any cell to eliminate objects in that particular cell as well as neighboring cells.

Basics Jewels of Egypt cheats code list:
a collection can be assembled out of collection items. To do this, you must find five items and combine them into the sixth. With each assembled collection, you become one step closer to acquiring rarities that will make earning rewards even easier. To assemble collections, you will also need resources like Garnet necklaces. Let us return to the villa and craft some. Right bar - here you can see how many resources you have. Notice that resources are made out of other items. Beat the level and the resources are yours.

Hack Mode Jewels of Egypt: now that the villagers have a refuge, we should adress the problem of food. Restore the farm to ensure no one in the settlement starves. First, use cheat code, second, match objects over the sand and remove it from the field to complete the level. make a four in a row match to create a line crusher. match it to destroy an entire line.

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  • 1. To craft resources, you need special items - like garnets, or cheats. Match three objects in a row to make some.
  • 2. While this match-3 offline game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases within the game. You may disable in-app purchases in your device settings.
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