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Jewels of the Wild West Game story: Sheriff, at your service. The butler Gang ransacked our town, and Colinstown has seen better days. Everyone who came to town turned down the job. We need a competent builder to restore the town. Are you up for it? sheriff’s house is patched up, but we need more resources. We want a rich and prosperous town! Tap a building to enter. Swap two objects to make a three in a row match. Collect enough neckerchief to complete the level.

Jewels of the Wild West hack

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You have some pickaxes. use a pickaxe to remove one important object from the field and get closer to victory. Tap on the important object to remove it. Well done! YOu’ve beaten the level and received a reward: coins and experience. The townsfolk need your help! Complete quests and restore order in these lands. Attention, you need to spend energy points to explore the building. A victory will reward you with experience and coins. Fortune favors the brave. Complete the level until you run out of moves.

Jewels of the Wild West cheats, hack codes

Use the shotgun to remove objects in nine cells. Are you a good shooter? Let’s see. Tap any cell to eliminate objects in that particular cell as well as neighboring cells. You got your first collectible! You can check here to see how many you have. Reward chest - in this chest, you can see how many items and other goodies you will gain after successfully completing the level.
YOu assemble the collection by finding the collection items. Gather five items to form a whole collection, represented by the sixth item.
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By assembling each collection, you get a step closer to reaching special items known as rarities, which give you additional facilities to win even more prizes. You will also need special items called resources, such as Handbags, to complete collections. Let’s return to the Royce house and find a few. You need special items, such as Wallets, to produce resources for collections. Match three objects to earn a special item.
Menu - here you can see how many resources you’ve collected so far. Notice that each additional resource requires more objects to create it. Beat the level, and it’s all yours! Faster, higher, stronger, as they say!

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