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Free hack John on Fire cheats code list - evolve, auto aim, gold, promo ticket, weapon, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. John on Fire cheat world: if i had planned ahead, there probably was a way that we could make this controls explanation fit in with the story. I couldn’t really think of a great way. Let’s say this is a dream, yeah let’s go with that (i guess that makes me a ghost) that somehow John is having the next scene where he’s at a convenience store. Let’s familiarize ourselves with the basic controls. This is a dialogue box, you’ll sometimes engage in conversation. You can choose how you’d like to respond in certain situations by selecting one of the dialog options below.

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Good, now lets talk about combat. You have a set amount of health. Health will go down if anyone attacks you. You can heal yourself by using medical supplies. Health can be upgraded by completing supply run missions for better armor. We talked about medical supplies. These are accessible from your inventory. You can open your inventory by clicking on the weapon display in the top right corner of the screen. From your inventory, you can switch weapons or use medical supplies to heal yourself. The game will pause while you’re in this menu.

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Every mission has a set of completion criteria that must be met in order for the mission to be a success. Missions typically end if either you are killed or if you run out of time on certain time sensitive missions. Completion criteria can always be referenced from this panel on the left.
Movement is key to survival. You’ll need to constantly run and shoot to survive. Two floating joysticks control movement. The left joystick controls locomotion. The right joystick controls the direction that you aim. Fully engaging the right joystick will cause you to fire your currently equipped weapon. The joysticks float, so you can touch anywhere on the left or right of the screen and the joysticks will adjust themselves to where you touch.

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Touching the center of the screen will cause you to either crouch or stand up. Crouching is useful for hiding behind low objects, keeping John from being seen. it can also be used for hiding behind cover. However you’re slow while moving in that position (gotta protect those ancient joints, you retired assassin you). While standing, you will move a lot faster. You also can take cover behind objects and walls by moving close to them.

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