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Mega city one, 2131. Home to over 130 million citizens. Crime is rampant, and only the judges can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is judge Dredd! Drag the Punch action card onto the criminal.
Here’s more action cards! Each was it’s own move counter. Play a lower or matching number than the enemy to make your move before they attack. Drag the arrest card onto the rerp. If higher than his health he will be arrested. Tap the punks to see their stats. If their courage hits 0, they surrender. Each hit reduces courage.

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Tap on missions to get your mission reward. Drag the standard shot action card onto the criminal. Standard execution round is Lethal! Perps shot with lethal attacks are killed if health drops below 0 when hit. Executed perps get sent to Resyk. Justice department receive additional credits for each fatality. The Lawgiver MKII also fires a stun shot. This non lethal round has a chance of incapacitating a Perp for a number of moves.

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Perps hit with non lethal attacks are stunned or arrested when health drops below 0 when hit. Live perps provide additional XP bonus, but less credits. The Perp has 2 moves before he attacks! Slow him down with a stun shot. Rapid fires a useful round for dealing with multiple Perps. Drag rapid fire x2 action card across both perds chests to target them! Drag jab from your collection onto punch to swap them over. Before we try Jab, let’s visit the store to grab a justice pack.
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Armor repair and medi kits and grenades! Let’s get back out there. Some cards have secondary effects. Jab has a chance of giving the next melee card played an advantage lowering move count by 1. Use secondary effects to gain the best advantage. Drag a repair armour kit onto Dredd’s head. The number under the move counter on support cards shows how many you have of each type. Your support deck is your backup. Health packs and grenades are also stored here. Drag the dodge card onto Dredd’s head to avoid all Mutie next move attacks.

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You are Judge Dredd! Build a deck of his iconic weapons and bring justice to the streets of Mega-City One as the comic pages of Judge Dredd come to life in this addictive and free-to-play collectable card battler RPG!
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