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Free hack Jurassic Tribes cheats code list - gold, resources, speed up (instant build), promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Jurassic Tribes cheat world: enemies are encroaching on our territory. Even worse, the fabled dragon of destruction is leading the charge. Fortunately, we also havea powerful guardian. Sauroi, among us. What shall become of our home? Sauroi needs time to be recovered. We should develop our territory first.

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There is an enemy camp ahead. We will need a team of barbarians to defeat them. Make good use of training camp to build a formidable army. Our army needs as amny units as we can get. We obtain a new Saurpet - are foundation of powerful tribes. Unit Chasimo improves build speed, which is beneficial for the territory's development.

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Resources are essential to further develop our territory. The level cap of your buildings is determined by the level of your chief's hut. Upgrade chief's hut to further upgrade other buildings. You can use VIP pts to upgrade Vip level, which in turns increases free speed up time. This will definitely help us a lot.

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Buildings: training camp - improves training efficiency. Hut - produces gold, increase gold capacity, and increases training speed. Infirmary - where wounded units receive treatment. Shrine - study perks to improve development and military performance. Embassy - where reinforcements are received and dispatched. Blacksmith - where vaious materials are fused into chief gear. Market - where resources are transported. Hall of war - where alliance rally attacks are initiated. Prison - where enemy chiefs are imprisoned and executed.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can get more powerful Saurpets in advanced Sarpet Den. Switch to advanced saurpet den, to obtain more powerful saurpets. Activate epic suarpet to improve troop size. Activate dinosaur and check out what it could do for us.
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Tutorial Jurassic Tribes(wiki): Ourano improves study speed. It is of great significance for our development. More units are called for in order to expand territory. Upgrade your Saurpets to improve troop size.
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