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You are a species just born in mesozoic. An ancient disaster is coming, you need to constantly evolve your species to survive this catastrophe, and reverse the fate of extinction of dinosaurs! Click and select a land or ocean to multiply your species, depending on your species traits. You can view the information on the right to determine whether the breeding ground of living conditions is proper or not. Your species is starting to breed in Siberia. You are the miracle of an explosion of species, you also have better ability to evolve than any other species. It is possible to develop into a new creature by using DNA points to evolve your species.

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Triassic – at the beginning of extinction, there is badly biological differentiation. The ability of species to adapt to the environment. The species can protect themselves in encounters. Species that understand social contact can get on well with other species, even end the encounters quickly. Species will inherit its own genes through reproduction, expand the number of their own species rapidly. Dinosaur embryos – naturally born from the explosion of species, this is the unique creature belonging to you. The faster it evolves in the period of triassic, the stronger the species born will be. Skeleton – hardening the head skeleton can protect the head from external damage.

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Skin – avoiding the direct exposure of skeleton to external can communicate with other species in more friendly way. Gill – breathing organs adapt water are formed to absorb dissolved oxygen in the water. Bone – the body develops into bone structure, the action of the species is ehnanced, meanwhile the internal organs will be protected. If hindlimbs have, they can increase the mobility of species. If species get swimming ability, the finned forelimbs can be used to maintain balance. Parts of your species have completed the evolution in the population, and got preferential treatment, with their offspring inheriting the gene of evolution. Evolving your species through DNA points constantly, your species will be more powerful. The number of your species has propagated to millions and millions, please watch out some of the high aggressive species, the may be ready to attack the huge species population. Evolve your species and make it powerful.

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1. k2FxtsHugl – DNA points
2. jTLArJlg3K - evolve
3. S0LtX3cXIR – secret gameplay
4. XklLs6MHFj - coupons
5. rLBZO81QeP – offline code
6. jk2XZcbbQL - upgrade

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