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As you can imagine, everything is a wee bit of a muddle on Isla Nublar, so we’ll have our work cut out for us. Something that will hopefully be managed a little more thoroughly this time. After reviewing everything with Mr. hammond, we’ll need to start by placing an arrival point. Then, we can restore the core facilities and get a ranged outpost up and running.
Mission #1: regaining control: construct an arrival helipad and connect it to the path network. Construct and connect a ranger outpost. Use cheat codes. Helipad - guest arrival facility. Ranger teams can be dispatched to repair buildings and objects and resupply feeders. Ranger teams can also medicate and tranquillise dinosaur and fire flares.

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We’ll need to repair the Geothermal power station to start. Once that is done, we can focus on the visitor centre. Repaired and powered it should give us a solid base of operations. Modules have to be constructed at the visitor centre to enable global operations. Visitor center - the nerve centre of Jurassic park where all major operations are managed. It also serves as the hub for all guests visiting the park.
Module: Research - enable the research of new technologies, dinosaur modifications and facility improvements. Expedition - obtain dinosaur fossils and amber by dispatching dig teams to sites around the world.

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Substation - converts power for use by nearby buildings. Must be connected to a power station by pylon. Park tour - view dinosaurs up close from within their enclosures on this tour ride. This attraction increases dinosaur visibility and also provides guest satisfaction. Ensure no carnivores can reach vehicles. If a vehicle is destroyed, tours must be restarted using a ranger team. Construct fences to prevent dinosaurs from accessing central facility buildings.
Fences - prevent animals getting too close to quests. Different fence types offer varying levels of security and resilience to damage.
Ext. ground herbivore feeder - changing the feeder dispense rate will determine how frequently food is provided for your dinosaurs. Food will need to be dispensed more often in enclosures with larger populations (use cheats code for unlimited food).
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Modify the dispense rate to establish an efficient feeding schedule and prevent wastage. Once a feeder’s food reserves have depleted it must be resupplied using a ranger team.
Visitor center - the nerve centre of park where all major operations are managed. It also serves as the hub for all guests visiting the park.
Feeders - provides food and suitable nutrients for dinosaurs. Food is served on a schedule, so more than one feeder may be needed to support groups of dinosaurs. The feeder satisfies food need. Feeders must be regularly resupplied by a ranger team.

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Fossil centre: extract fossils to build genomes for each dinosaur. Viable genomes allow you to create dinosaurs at the hammond creation lab. Expeditions sometimes bring back extra finds that can be sold for cash.
Incubation: incubating a dinosaur with less than 100% genome can fail. The viability trait determines the chance of incubation success. Success rate upgrades applied to the hammond creation lab will increase viability. Gene modifications decrease viability. Gene modifications will increase the incubation costs, but can produce dinosaurs with significant benefits and higher rating.
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Jurassic World Evolution Power hack: power station provide power to your island. Substations distribute power to nearby buildings. Ensure substations are connected to the power stations using pylons.
Feeders:feeders dispense food every few minutes, discarding any leftovers. Feeders must be restocked periodically by ranger teams. Large dinosaurs eat more food than small ones. Sharing a feeder among too many dinosaurs may result in starving dinosaurs. Animals with 0% food or water will lose health due to starvation or dehybration, which can quickly lead to death.
Island management cheat codes: the island management hack screen contains an overview of the key management elements of your island. Check your overall island rating, division reputations and a sumarry of finance. You can also see mission progress and active contracts for the current island.
Facility rating (dinosaur visibility): quests come to your park to see prehistoric life up close. Ensuring that your dinosaurs can be viewed by guests will improve your facility rating. Use a combination of viewing galleries, viewing platforms, monorails and gyroshpheres to cover your enclosures.
Power output: each power station outputs an amount of power to the network. Each building requires an amount of power, this increases whenever upgrades are added. Upgrade existing or build additional power stations to improve overall output. how and where enter

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