Cheats hack Kapi Hospital Tower 2 code: cap of tea, instant, rooms, floors, elixir, auto clicker codes Kapi Hospital Tower 2 Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat Kapi Hospital Tower 2 hack android, ios code

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Hack Kapi Hospital Tower 2: cheat List
100 cap of tea - use hack 8QmNrk4gr
instant - enter pass NoaEg1vtr
unlock rooms - wy69wib9K
free wheel of fortune - icELBr06D
100000 gold coins - A19T0F5uO
1000 elixir - txJ2zFL5P
1 Month Card code - 2oh0I47N7
upgrade cheat - xdMoheGwz
new floor - 2jKIOedbI
weekly gift bag - CCbNexqTo
secret combination - c1HjAG9zE
level up - QHUOrND7t
auto clicker - IrpreHHTG
game speed x10 - mxG0VExlt
premium buildings - WbQpezUtX
special reward - gc99BtFUi
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Nice to see you doctor! The first patient is already waiting. Select him! Put the patient into the treatment room. Treatment will begin automatically. Every 40 seconds a pin will appear that allows you to shorten the treatment. Tap on it as soon as you see it. Treatment was reduced by 6 minutes. Use medicine to reduce treatment time even more. To do that, open the medicine cabinet.
Kapi Hospital Tower 2 Hack Basics
Medicines can be produced lated in the pharmacy. First patient is fully healed! Good job! tap on the pin to collect your reward. Nicely done! now build another treatment room. Accelerate the construction time. Tap on the cheat code. The room is ready now! Now we just need another doctor. Keep treating more patients now.
Oh look, a power pin has appeared! It will reduce total treatment time by 20%. Every 10th power pin will give you 2 star medicine for the disease you're currently treating.
Hint & Tips
1. Doctor get tired from treating patients. Send them to the break room.
2. Refer patients from your lobby to make room for new patients. You can transfer a patient for free very 30 minutes. You'll find an overview of all the doctors in the hospital here. YOu can send them out of their current room as long as they're currently not busy.
3. Statistic - you can see the experience points of the top ten players here! Click on the arrow at the very bottom to see where you are on the list. Keep collecting experience points to improve your ranking.
Kapi Hospital Tower 2 Graphic buildings
Break room - allows doctors to rest so that they can conduct more treatments. Observation station - allows you to increase the severity of diseases - for up to 3 patients at a time.
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Kapi Hospital Tower 2 Redeem gift code
1. 4xAyesbEFiveaT2
2. yifOx8NHN4i7XpK
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4. B6Tn8j6YrMXlKH5
5. 9DVoEEO9Pco1Rge
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date26 September 2020
Last Modified26 September 2020
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