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Free hack Kards cheats code list - card pack, offline mode, order, promo ticket, credits, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Kards cheat world: attack and destroy the German headquarters (HQ) at Amhem before the enemy reinforcements arrive. Cherbourg - these are your HQ, defend them at all costs. The enemy just deployed a unit to the battlefield. Lets hope you draw a good card. The 506th airborne is an infantry unit. Infantry units can either move or attack each turn. Start by deploying it in your support line. Drag and drop the card on either side of your HQ.

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Attack - how much damage the unit deals. Defense - can take. The enemy captured the frontline and is now in position to attack your HQ. Attack the enemy unit and halt the German advance. The frontline has been cleared of enemy units. Advance your units and get into position to attack the enemy HQ. You have draw your first order. An order card can only be used once and is then removed from play, use it wisely.

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    Select a starting nation and unlock the starter decks of all the other nations (Germany, Britain, Soviet, USA, Japan) by defeating them in battle:
  • USA - although joining the war later than the other major powers, the USA had been preparing their production lines and supporting their allies for years. Completely outproducing their Axis enemies, the Americans were eventually able to launch offensive operations of epic proportions in all theaters. high up the skies glided their Flying fortresses and they weren't delivering the mail.
  • Soviet - at the outbreak of the war, although large on paper, the forces of the Soviet Union were badly equipped, trained and organized. This would change fast. Forged through fire and blood during the Great Patriotic war, the red army would soon become an unstoppable war machine. Fueled by their seemingly endless manpower and natural resources, the Soviets slowly but surely drove their enemies out of Mother Russia and into enemy territory.
  • Germany - crushing their enemies with blitzkrieg tactics, hard pressing armored units and mechanized formations, the German Wehmacht was at its best on the offensive. Battle of annihilation would be their favorite doctrine. That being said, it could prove to be very dangerous to underestimate the defensive capabilities of the German army. Compared to the Allies, Germany did not have a lot of ships but in the depths of the oceans roamed fearsome packs of worlves ready to stroke at the their prey.
Cards: Gunship assault - deal 2 damage to an enemy target in the enemy support line. Air blitz - deal damage to the enemy HQ.

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Playing a card from your hand costs Kredits. You also pay kredits when your units move or attack, or use hack cheats code. Kredits are the resources that you use to play cards and operate units (move and attack). The cost of each card is displayed in the upper left corner of the card. Second turn - you now have enough kredits to attack the enemy with the 506th airborne or to deploy another infantry unit. You can not do both. Different unit types - you have draw your first tank unit (a M5A1 tank). Tank units can both move and attack during the same turn.

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  • Order - triggers an effect when played and is then discarded.
  • Passive effect - affects the game rules in some way while in play.
  • The Mulligan stage takes place at the start of each battle and is where you are given the option to redraw your starting hand. Click on the cards you wish to discard, and they will be replaced with random cards from your deck.
  • Deployment effects trigger when the card is played from hand.
  • The deployment ability of each unit is described in the card text.

Kards tips
    Tutorial Kards(wiki):
  • Artillery can attack targets anywhere in the battlefield and receives no damage in return when attacking.
  • Pin - unit misses its next possible operation.
  • Fighters can attack targets anywhere on the battlefield and prevent enemy bombers from attacking other targets in the same front.
  • Adjacent units can not be attacked except by bombers and artillery. Destruction effects trigger when the card is destroyed.

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