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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Oh, good day! I'm glad you're finally here. I'm so glad you agreed to help me grow this garden that my mother has left me. Well, i guess we could start now, But first, we need to have some seeds to plant. Come with me, i'll introduce you to my feiend. Tap the town button to go to the town menu.
Kim's Garden Hack Basics
Welcome to Mosville, our humble town. This town is the game’s main menu hub. From here you cna visit different locations for different purposes. Let's visit the town's florist so we can buy seeds. Tap the garden gate to go back to your garden. You can merge flowers and discover new species here at the lab. The bazaar sells gems and other premium items to boost your progress. You can refill the content of your watering can by the well by tapping the water icon at the well.
Hint & Tips
1. You can even talk to Kim anytime for gardening tips and useful hints by tapping on her icon.
2. You can buy in 1x or in 10x pack. A pack of 10 will give you a nice discount, so take advantage of the offer.
3. YOur watering pot can only carry a limited amount of water. Each time you water a plant, it uses 1 point of water from your watering pot.
4. You can refill the water pot at the well resource. You will notice that the water in the well decreases each time you make a refill.
5. But don't worry, the water in the well will gradually increase over time. Just wait for several minutes in case you used all the water in the well.
Kim's Garden Plant seeds
Tap on the bag icon for your inventory and to get the seeds that you will plant. Drag the seeds to your selected plot to plant them. Once the seeds are planted, tap on the water icon to water the plants. Then wait for your flowers to grow. Some flowers take longer time to grow so keep on watering them until they are fully bloomed. Once the flower is fully bloomed, tap on it, and the harvest and sell buttons will appear. Once the flower is fully bloomed, tap on it, and the harvest and sell button will appear. Tap on the harvest button to harvest the flower and gain EXP. The harvested flowers are kept in the bag. Tap on the sell button if you want to earn and save coins.
Tap on the flowers from your inventory to put it in the merging panel. Below you will see the ones you have already selected. if you decide to remove currently selected flowers from the merge pool, just tap on the flower of your choice. Select 5 Daisies and 4 Tulips then tap the Merge button to create a new flower seed. If you don't have enough flowers yet, just plant more of those flowers and harvest them. Then, come back here at the lab to merge.
Merging different types of flowers might result in getting new flower seeds. Once you get the right combination, the recipe for that flower will be listed on your journal.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date06 October 2020
Last Modified06 October 2020
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