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Game story: There is a protracted war between the North and South kingdoms. This is a time of heroes, great victories and terrible defeats. Both kindoms fell into decay during the war years. But no one can win or admit defeat. In the meantime, we are moved to the South kingdom, to the small village Riverstone located to the west of the capital. This is an unremarkable village, except that there is a huge stone, in whose honor it is named. And certainly there have never been any heroes here. Adult men went to war, many of them will never return. Our story begins here.

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There are several types of weapons in the game: sword, ax, blunt weapons (hummers and clubs), spear, staff, dagger and bow. In addition, there are one handed and two handed weapon. You can use shields only with one handed weapon. The basic combination for melee weapons consists of 4 hits: slash, stab, heavy slash and quick stab. Slashes are much stronger, but stabs are faster and consume less stamina. Heavy slashes deal maximum damage, while quick stabs require much less energy.

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The mastery level of a specific weapon increases when you use it. Its damage and speed increase as well. Sword is a balanced weapon, has medium damage and a stab bonus. Most swords are lightweight, which means a good attack speed. Ax is a simle slash weapon that does not require special skills. Axes have high damage and a bonus to heavy slashes, not being quite suitable for stabs. Axes are medium weight and have an average attack speed. Hammer, mace and club are heavy blunt weapons that are effective against well-protected opponents. They boast high damage but low speed.
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Two handed swords, axes and blunt weapons have higher damage. Two handed weapons can’t be used with shields but they can block blows, not as effectively as shields though. In addition, using unique strike charges allows you to inflict multiple damage.
Spear is a light polearm. Spears can only be used for stabs. Moreover, you can attack with a spear while holding a shield.
Staves and scepters are a wizard’s main weapon. These weapons may have magical power hidden within, but only wizards know how to use it.

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