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You are the owner of a small grocery store. Your parents have emigrated to a foreign country. One day, you’re playing a game on your mobile phone.
Clerk: “closing up, boss! We will go back first. Remember to close the door!”
The door is closed. Late at night, a clap of thunder hit the shop and you disappeared. You fell from the sky and landed by a lake.
Me: “Gee, i was about to lead ZHuge Liang to unify the whole country! Now where is my PSP? What’s going on? Why are there water and speed upains around? Am i not supposed to be at my grocery store?
I remember that i was hit by a clap of thunder, and i didn’t know what happened next.... Am i traveling through time? Like those protagonists of time-travel novels? This can’t be possible! Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad. Calm down, calm down...”
In this way, you becomes a small official at the Yamen of the town. Though you are still confused, you strat to know more and more about this new world.

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It seems that you are badly drunk, but i can tell that you know a lot from the verse you just recited. The position of the ward Head (secondary class, rank 9) of the Wuling town happens to be vacant.
You learn that this world is under the control of the Emperor, but at the same time, there are various local forces combooksing with and restraining each other. There are two influential schools of thought: confucianism and legalism. The two schools hold very different attributes and are opposing each other in many aspects.

The affairs of the village are very heavy; you need to ask four retainers to help you with them. We have four retainers now. One is Wiqing, a former soldier, one is Xun Yu, a scholar. One is called Liu Bowen, and the last one is called Guan Zhong.

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King And Beauties hack summon ticket
Master, please tap on the buller to enter the asset management interface. Commerce: get Sycee upon each operation. Recruitment: each operation consumes grain to recruit soldiers.
Tap the retainers button. This is the interface of your retainers’ attributes. Attributes are related to retainers’ ability and strength. You can improve the attributes by upgrading and improving retainers’ aptitudes.
Retainers’ attributes is an important part of your influence, so improve retainers’ attributes now! Retainer’s qualifications are based on books, which are divided into four types of materials: military, political, commercial and agricultural. Upgrade the corresponding books can get better qualifications accordingly; the higher the qualifications are, the bigger the bonus will be!
King And Beauties wiki
Upgrading books need to consume scroll of the corresponding type. Books of different grades have different success probability and upgrade rewards. So make a wise decision!
Also, you can upgrade books consuming book experience. In this way, the success probability is 100%. For more information please click on the “?” at the top left corner to view detailed instructions.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Attack city - if the defending strength of city is not very strong, you please click on the capture button to quickly send troops to capture the city!
  • The quivalent token will be returned to you if the retainer has been recruited.
  • The boss level can only be replaced by a doorkeeper.

King And Beauties tips
Hack cheats tutorial King And Beauties(wiki): Notifications: Login to claim vip 5! The welfare you should never miss!
Key fearures:
  • Experience an empire at you command, write down history with your own decision.
  • recruit retainers: use your wisdom to attract warriors and sages, make them follow you on the road of conquer.
  • Conquer castles: assault enemy and take over their lands. Show them how strong your power is.
  • Encounter beauties: meet and start a romantic relationship with beauties, start and raise a family.

King And Beauties tutorial

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