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Arthur who is the son of the King Pendragon of Britain was entrusted to Sir Ector right after he was born by Merlin who is a prophet and a great wizard. Arthur became a boy and he went to London to participate in London jousting with his father Sir Ector. Arthur was staying at the inn to participate in the jousting match. However he accidentally left the sword at the inn and left. He went back to the inn but the door was firmly shut. Arthur needed a sword and saw a sword stuck in a rock in the backyard of the inn so he pulled it naturally. As soon as the sword was pulled out mysterious light and energy poured out and that energy seemed to flow into Arthur's body. However he must acquire qualifications first to become the king of Briatin so the wizard Merlin suggested him to go to the Fairy Forest and train himself. He also ordered his student Bella to go with Arthur since Merlin received an unusual letter from the Fairy King whom he was close with.

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