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Free hack King Crusher cheats code list - gold, boost up, elite summon, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. King Crusher cheat world: hi, ready to slay our good king's enemies? Move the warrior onto the slab to open the gate. Move your warrior to the front line to do damage. Here's the rest of your team. The archer and mage can attack from the back. Your mage's spell is ready? Tap to throw a fireball. Each of the classes has a different spell. Try them all!

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A tavern - recruit some warriors. Archer has joined our ranks. Don't forget that he'll only follow us for this adventure. You've completed your first adventure? Let's take a trip through the shop. Now that you have gems, you can recruit powerful leaders. Leaders accompany adventurers of the same class.

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Leaders come in different rarities. Conjuring a leader will get you one at random. Open the help section to learn more. Leaders come in different rarities: bronze, silver, and gold. The rarer leaders are, the more powerful their capacities are. Use different types of incantations to obtain more or less rare leaders.

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The more gems you invest, the better your chances of getting a powerful leader. For example, the skilled incantation has a 72% chance of getting a bronze leader, a 24% chance of getting a silver leader, and a 4% chance of getting a gold leader.

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