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Cheat King of Defense Epic battle hack android, ios code

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Hack King of Defense Epic battle: cheat List
premium offers - use hack CFYDMYTO8
Tybalt pet - enter pass Qvfax2u51
unlock heroes - Hwy1tWPyc
crystals x5000 - PRl6lsT0C
game speed x10 - ri10RCB0e
Ultimate Bundle - l0zzTsLx9
Month Card x1 code - vXROJIDpR
upgrade cheat - TkbhNZjll
weekly gift bag x10 - VrEkYRLqp
secret combination - lkr3yQI6t
level up - BqV5D0Epr
Items: air balloon, meteor, bomb, freeze - u2Om9In8u
skill poins x10 - KGPCAIhq2
get bonus - DRcRXEcvC
gemstone x10000 - Qu1C0Hd7R
rune x100 - ipakwJqtw
special reward - 3E9CQhvsy
How & Where enter
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Game Story
I am a resident of Dwart castle, we need the commander's help to combat the invasion of the orc. We can build the 2 storey tower, this will do increase the strength and operation of tower. The chieftain of enemies has escaped, we need to follow up their next steps. We temporarily drive the enemy out of the castle, but they are still very crowd and strong. The enemy is stronger than we thought, now we need to upgrade the tower to increase the strength.
King of Defense Epic battle Hack Basics
Towers: archers - are equipped with wooden bows on their turrets, can shoot airborne units. The bombard towers will deal large area of effect damage, suitable for groups of grunts. The fully upgraded bombard tower of the missile branch has a global range and will attack the enemies nearest toward the finish line.
Hint & Tips
1. The archer tower has a very wide range, combine it with other towers to maximize range.
2. The lightning tower can shoot 2 enemies at a time, it can attack 3 enemies when upgraded to level 3.
3. Note that the heroes are very strong in the early stages of the game, especially when using the skills at the right time.
4. The archer tower has a great range, take advantage of this to combine with other strongholds.
5. DO you know that the bombard tower is useful for destroying the enemy troops grouped together?
6. Building a stronghold with an arcane tower will increase the combined rate of fire of the stronghold.
King of Defense Epic battle Heroes
Fairos archer - was called the whirlwind arrow of the fairy tribe. Arrows loosen by him are deadly swift byt beautiful at the same time.
Having been chosen to be the successor to the previous leader, he failed to protect this tribe in the fight against ancient monsters. When the monsters invaded the village, he and his people tried their best to fend them off when he tried to summon the power of the cheat code to cast a rain dof arrows upon the monsters. But one wave after another, the fierce monsters assaulted relentlessly. He was the only one that survived.
Alone and hunted across the land, he made his way to the Dwart fortress to ask for aid and hoped that he will eventually be able to avenge his people.
Skills: Restore health for all heroes and other allies. Summon the power of the codes to cast a cluster of arrwos raining onto the indicated area.
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King of Defense Epic battle Redeem gift code
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date28 September 2020
Last Modified28 September 2020
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