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It’s time the world has come to an end! The Underworld’s key. Answer my calling. You’re the ones who brought them! But you won’t stop me! Soon, the underworld gate will open...
THe light brought by the woman surrounded the Holy Grail, and there it was. Destroyed. Just as when we believed it was all over.

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In the past there was an incident where the evil black dragon tried to open the door of the world in a world of another dimension. We’ve stopped him, but the Holy Grail has been destroyed, and its shards have been scattered across the world. It will infect the world with its evil powers. Warlord, chosen by the heavens, shall we begin our journey to find the Holy Grail? According to a report from a colleague who just came in. It seems that Zhang Jiao, who is the boss of the Yellow Turban, has a shard of the holy thing!

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If you assign any two heroes tied with fate, you will activate their set skills, remember that! We don’t know what our enemies will do, so we must prepare our own tactics. Tap the tactics icon, select a support tactics and cheat engine. Tap the start mission button.
Attack first to win! Shall we use the tactics? using tactics requires the gauge. You can fill up the gauge by attacking or by using skills.
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Manage territory: when you level up castle in territory, you get a powerful buff. But, you mist obtain the dragon essence of another lord by looting.
if the hero and the enhancer share the same attribute, the hero will gain extra bonus. Select material codes to fill the enhancement gauge - tap the enhance button to proceed. When you evolve a hero, the character will gain another star. In order to evolve a herom the hero must have maximum levels and enhancement levels and the two heroes merging must be of the same grades. And, of course, evolved heroes will have their levels and enhancement levels reset.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Higher the raid boss level is, higher graded rewards you'll find.
  • You can receive skill set rewards at set tab in index.
  • Combining characters into the same deck gives them more power depending on their attributes and types.
  • Sometimes, you'll find evolution jade instead of enemies in dungeons.
  • Join a clan for the first time to receive valuable rewards.
  • Complete all daily and weekly achievements to receive a huge rewards!

King of Dragons tips
Hack cheats tutorial King of Dragons(wiki):
Mission - start campaign! Beginning of the long journey with the Heroes. Day dungeon (unlocks after clearing rebellion of yellow turbans stage 12) - receive various evolution jade every day.
Event dungeon - receive event items and rewards with event dungeon!
Event conquest - this is where detailed information about event war goes when event conquest is offline.
Elite dungeon - retrieve the legendary items from the powerful enemies.
King of Dragons tutorial

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If you need help with raid boss, ask your friends for help, or use hack cheat codes. Evolution: you can evolve based on your character. To evolve, you need to level up and enhance +5, and you need the same grade element. If you’re having trouble with missions, try using the tactics.
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