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Violence, chaos, darkness. has the world always been like this? One day i will prove what justice and order is!
Hey, wake up! Are you all right? They hit your head with a baseball bat? I patched it up for you, you’ll be fine. I’m a private agent. Right now, i’m working for the international police in investigating the mafia.
We though you were a dead one! YOu should thank this young detective here! After Hongmen’s master bal died, his crew had lost control and committed all sorts of crimes in the street.

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A few days ago, Mr’ Lin, a good neighbor of us, was extorted1 I heard they even broke his chin! If we want to save her then we’ll have to find some help. LongKong is kinda messed up nowadays. Diagon alley is the only safe heaven for someone like us. Let’s go to the bar there and find the help we need!
GFkSMZiRnt - elite hero Riverfox. Rumor has it he had broke many prisons all over the world. He likes to leave an origami behind wherever he goes.

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1. wF1fOVQht5 - level up
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There’re a lot of exceptional heroes in this bar. If you want someone reliable then you just have to drop by once in a while.
I received some news from an informant. Your friend Joel was kidnapped and kept at the Wansheng casino. It’s a long way from here, better move now!
We’re close to casino, but there are a lot of Hongmen guys standing guard on the road. Let’s get rid of them! Prepare your heroes before the combat begins. Sniper grenadier and support can be put in the back row and cannot move during the combat. There most be a hero in the command position.
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Brawler, gunner and marauder can be set in the front row. They will automatically move towards the enemy side during the combat.
Our heroes can idle in the stages, earning experience and loots even when you are offline. Don’t forget to frop by and collect your idle loot once in a while through.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Unit menu - here you can view hero's all information, equip gears for hero and train heroes.
  • Every hero has their own clan, class and stats. When you are familiar with your heroes, you can maximize their abilities.
  • Heroes can be upgraded by consuming "tactical notes", and the hero can get the corresponding stats boost.
  • Gear is one of the keys to improving combat power. The enhanced equipment can greatly increase heroes' combat power. Gear can be enhanced, boosting stat bonuses.

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After enhance or modify, your gear will have a chance to get great stat bonus.
Collect enough shards to hire new characters. Over 50 heroes of 6 different classes! Each has an exceptional Transfer for you to choose. Familiar faces will follow you through out the entire game. Your favorite actors, comic protagonists and even the super heroes! Enjoy fighting with them!
King of the Street tutorial

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