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Kingdom Battle redeem codes

You look as heroic as they say! You built your kingdom, so i'll give you a quick guide through it. Now you're the king, you must defeat monsters and make sure your kingdom prospers. I'll explain the UI first.
At the top are your character level and currency status. At the bottom are your stats. You can tap each button for more info.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): For starters, try using potions during auto combat. Try using skill when you need to. Level up upgrades for skill, transformation, potion and others available. You can speed up your battle in Endless battle and some other places. Default: up to 2x speed/God’s blessing: up to 3x speed.
cheat, Step #2: You’ll be able to acquire equipment and currency from monsters. Tap gacha/shop at the bottom right side. You can receive higher level equipment from gacha as your character level rises, from Paid gacha. You can purchase 12 part equipment packages in certain level ranges. You can get higher level items in deluxe gacha.
Kingdom Battle code, Step #3: Gold ticket - skip ads for 30 days, receive diamonds x1000, upgrade scroll, god’s blessing every day. Booster pack - receive GOd’s blessing, essence, diamond, upgrade scroll immediately. Bonus pack - you can receive 1 extra daily gift with the membership. Upgrade scroll - scroll required enhancing equipment at the blacksmith.
Step #4: Rewards will be sent to your inbox according to the days checked-in. Rewards not received can be collected by re-opening the pop-up. Attendance rewards are received for up to 30 days. Tap help “?” button on top right side for more info.

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