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Free hack Kingdom of Legion cheats code list - speed up, level up, gold, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Kingdom of Legion cheat world: we the demons were the rulers of this world. That is, before that heinous Goddess Freyja and her human minions came around. Defeated and banished to the dark underworld, we waited until they would rot from within. After all, humans are arrogant creatures just like us but with even more greed...
After a long wait, trouble began to spark among them and the Goddess hid herself. And we did not let our chance slip.

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My name is Cheat-on. I am the royal descendant of Wolvspot, the last human kingdom. My father, my predecessor, passed away 7 days ago during an attack from the demons. I have to start ruling this kingdom from today. But then what was that dream?
What you see on the screen is the game’s central stage - the western region of Telan continent. You must win back the Kingdoms in this region from the hands of the demon army to bring peace back to the world.

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Wolvspot, the Kingdom you have inherited, is mankind’s last kingdom. Please head inside. You must organize your legion from now on to recapture the territory seized by the enemy and help this kingdom prosper.
An urgent message for you. The demon army is attacking the castle. You must form your unit to begin battle. Please tap the legion button on the bottom. Please form a new unit on the right. Your legion comprised of 5 units. You can possess more units as a reserve. Please continue to firm 5 units to head for battle.

Kingdom of Legion wiki
Please select the enemy corps on the right you wish to engage in battle and tap begin battle. Keep in mind that units with low HP will drop in HIT and dodge and you can enter battle with an advantage.
Once you complete your battle placement, the battle will automatically proceed. Units led by commanders with lower intelligence will be placed first.
if you fell that your battle array is disadvantageous, you can tap the back button to go back before the battle begins. And if you tap the automatic placement button, your units will be placed automatically and make it less difficult for battles you are sure to win. The combination of branch and formation is critical for victory. keep in mind that each branch has its own attributes. Then, i look forward to your strategic eye.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Units that have finished battle result in casualties and wounded soldiers. Wounded soldiers must be treated to join the battle again. They can be treated at the hospital.
  • To acquire additional soldiers, you must first recruit them at the recruit office and take the gathered militia to the training center for job changes. Try recruiting soldiers at the recruit office.
    The max number of soldiers depends on the military area's size and the minimum number of draftable people among the current population.

Kingdom of Legion tips
    Tutorial Kingdom of Legion(wiki) :
  • You can shorten the time by using runes. Tap the recruit office again and select instant finish.
    Soldiers recruited from the recruit office are militia soldiers who have not been trained and do not possess weapons. Change their jobs at the training center to cultivate outstanding soldiers.
  • Train militia soldiers to transfer them to another class. As your level increases, you can transfer a higher number of soldiers to another class.

Kingdom of Legion tutorial

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