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THe first adventure district is Kent. You can enter by touching the map.
First, let’s start with the basics of battle. YOu can attack with the skill you’re currently selecting. Remember, the area marked in red shows wehere you can attack. Let’s try tapping a target enemy within your attackable area to attack. The enemy is close by. We should attack from a distance.
Enemy leader - it’s not going to be an easy fight. Sif’s attack will be effective. We’ll need to bear it out while her turn comes back.

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YOu’ve found an ancient scroll that can summon heroes. Stand on the summoning circle to try it out. Fire element heroes are strong against tree elements. Certain elemental types are weak or strong against another type. because of this, a perfect elemental type that suits all situations doesn’t exit.
This time we’re confronting the enemy. There are times when the enemy is not within your reach. When this happens, try to move to an advantageous spot. Next, end the turn to prepare against the enemy’s attack.

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Titania - a lady knight who wields a colossal shield in order to protect her allies.
Fried - strengthens herself and casts a powerful AOE attack against enemies.
Glaudia - Elysion’s head royal guard who uses swift consecutive attacks to defeat her enemies.
Belphegor - a cruel Berserker that slowly eats away at an enemy.
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Skills: vengeful strike - strikes down at a target enemy to attack. Successful critical hits reduce the target’s attack for 1 trun.
Silence - prevents a target from using skills with cooldowns. Skill blocking - attack a target enemy and disrupts their focus. Successful hits have a chance to silence the target. This skill’s damage increases when you have more remaining HP.
Light of recovery - recovers health points of a target ally and increases their defense.
Forestallment - attacks opponents within a target area. Successful critical hits increase your mobility (expands the area in which you can move). If the enemy is killed, your allies gain a boost in morale, increasing critical rate of all allies.
Focusing aim - focus fires a target enemy, knocking them back 1 tile.

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I wanted to teach you how make your heroes stronger. As luck would have it, you’ve already acquired a rune code. Let’s learn how to use it. First, select a hero. You can check the list of your runes from the rune tab. Please select a rune code you own. Tap the hack button allows you to equip the rune in an empty slot. Runes can become even stronger through upgrades. Let’s try upgrading a rune. Tap the currently equipped rune. Let’s press the cheat button to upgrade. If the upgrade successful, the hero stats increased. However, don’t be content with just upgrading.
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