Cheats, hacks Kingdoms Charge: secrets code, apk bug mode

. Android game Kingdoms Charge cheat hack code - gems draw, unlimited energy, shards, gift hero, sweepers, evolve, upgrade, level up (New York, Unated state).

Ah, you awaken! You were yelling"fire" in your sleep... did you have a terrible dream? What? You dreamed I was swallowed by a dragon? Well, that certainly is terrible. However! But today is a day of celebration for Nodrania! Let us drink and forget this nasty nightmare...Ah, something terrible has happened indeed. My lord, let us make haste towards the whispering woods and find those missing villagers! You're going to need some extra help when you're in the whispering woods. It's dangerous to go alone. You can find more heroes in the tavern.

Kingdoms Charge cheats android, ios hack codes

Kingdoms Charge –  hack codes
The new of you fighting against undead is spreading like wildfire in the tavern! A lot of heroes are now looking to join your team. The loot you recover can be equipped to your heroes. Item can't be recovered once equipped. Cleaver will definitely make fighting much easier. Rewards will reset on the first day of every moth. After equipping a full set of 6 items, a hero can evolve to become stronger. Head over to the quest menu after completing specific tasks to claim rewards bestowed by the king. Kingdoms Charge –  cheats secret bug

how to enter hack cheats Kingdoms Charge.

1. 97C4RFTAqc – gems draw
2. gE2TiVOTGT – unlimited energy
3. kGCgpqmcve - shards
4. go9nfy6EzB – gift hero
5. NgYNSYy0og - sweepers
6. 3u9fS2jVM9 - evolve
7. mULfKtDjcQ - upgrade
8. wxQzPMj5Ni – level up

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