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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Kingdomtopia Cheats
10 timewarp - #09jM9NOAU
Monkey Whisper - #jDx8txauO
Hire bat worker - #zc3dZcRk1
500000 gold - #jWdhBiDIB
5000 gems - #6ZObhElfK
auto clicker - #wj2DasxcU
1 Month Card code - #ByCH2wT9X
upgrade cheat - #4L2jOSQ7m
10x game speed - #OOTX8rmnY
off ads - #MCdwsJuCu
secret combination - #LGEFDj3yY
level up - #9YOJOhO5P
tribute flag - #Dh6minvs5
booster - #UqjSLhxPn
premium chest - #tPvRvx5dw
materials - #Z1m4BOMBW
legendary manager - #Y9bOd9cTP
special reward - #mjCCDJwQ6
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Finally, you are awake. You might want to take a good look at castle now. A year ago, our kingdom was attacked. Your father managed to protect us all, but he lost his life for it. We were in the middle of a war! How did you manage to sleep through the whole thing? What should we do about city now? What about the citizens? Where are they? We need to rebuild this kingdom, so that they can come back.
We got some spare coins from the war. Let's use these coins to rebuild farm district. This farm gives 1 coin. It is called tax income, it is common for us to receive it from our people.
1. It is time for you to learn how to invest your coins - upgrade farm. Invest 10 more to multiply income.
2. Your hands are too small to hit a thousand times again? Let's hire a mayor to automate your tax collecting duty.
3. Renovation will increase your district tax income.
4. As a token of monkey appreciation, allow to give you timewarp. Monkey Whisper - multiply all district profit 3x. Hire bat worker - increase max offline time. Timewarp - with this, you will get 30 minutes worth of tax income, instantly. You can come again every day to claim this 30 minutes timewarp, for free.
Enter castle menu - we can see every district from here. Tribute flag - neigboring kingdom will visit you every 5 minutes just to see the beauty! They will pay tribute as they visit. Hire mayors to collect taxes automatically for you and earn the title of the Idle King
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Kingdomtopia Redeem gift code
1. uBklq0jYgsEZtog
2. 6iwMiD7Ue5GHuvI
4. ubp16Uv8mbKU6g3
5. MhhtbeKmYfFnDpj
Hack Release Date12 September 2020
Last Modified12 September 2020
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