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Kings of Doomsday cheat world: commander, the Cybers are becoming weaker. All the allies are ready in action, we can take over Zingen as you command! Our alliance has expanded into Old capital! We can leave some of our allies to clean up enemy bases, while we move to take Gia. Take the city and we'll be one step cloer to the Capital. Take the Capital to stop Cyber and save the world!

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Commander, most of our buildings were destroyed in the previous battle. And we have lost contact with the alliance. To create a new alliance, we must upgrade our base to level 3. Our priority is rebuilding our base and destroy the remaining cuber camps. Armies must have a rear force to battle. An army is defeated if its rear force is reduced to 0.

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To occupy a puece of land, you must defeat its garrison. Normal attacks have range limits in battle. A hero's normal attack range is shown at the bottom right corner. Attacks only take effect when the target is in range. Before you can attack an enemy camp, you must occupy an adjacent piece of land. You can reinforce your armies once they return to base. Reinforcing your armies consumes iron, oil and food. This process also takes time. The more forces you need, the longer it takes. In the meantime, you can recruit new hereos.

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Region: north riverview - is hotly contested for its oil resources. Hunter riders raid refineries as the fighting over oil fields continues to escalate. South riverview - is a region littered with metropolises and shadowy dungeons. A land where light and darkness exist side by side. West wastelands - is a barren zone, desolated by nuclear pollution. Scientists are attempting to rebuild a post apocalyptic civilization here. East wastelands - is a high tech controlled by the Cyber, under which the line between virtual and reality is blurred. South Gloria - is plagued by an unidentified virus, as strange creatures haunt the borders. East xiro - is a ruined land, where conflict over clean water is frequent the last oases among the arid soil. West Xiro's unique karst topography leads to expansive canyons and rivers, with scattered western style small towns and pubs.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: However, you need to upgrade the command center to increase the number of armies you can assign. Upgrading buildings take time. You can also spend diamonds or hack code to complete it immediately regardless of the time required. A hero's class is marked by the icon at the bottom right corner. Heroes may learn new skills after reaching level 10. Make sure you reinforce your armies before occupying land.

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Tutorial Kings of Doomsday (wiki): you can use reinforcements to reinforce your armies instantly. they still consume the same amount of resource. Level up buildins to earn commander talent. The more powerful the skill, the more powerful the hero.

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