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It is a time of great unrest. The realm’s five kingdoms have been at was since before your father took the throne. Each kingdom view against its neighbors for land, wealth, and power. Only this kingdom, ruled by your father, knowns any semblance of order and justice. Try as they might, the other kings have been unable to disrupt the stability your father’s rule has brought to this kingdom.
Also stability is a fragile thing and no man can maintain order forever. On this fateful night, assassins, under cover of fire and confusion, have infiltrated the castle grounds. You awaken to the sounds of metal on metal and the screams of dying men.
Ypu make your way through darkened passageways toward the castle’s throne room. The scene on the throne room’s antechamber is grim. The king’s guards lay dead before you, their freshly spilled blood seeping into the stonework. The throne room’s doors stand open. Your father is dead, you are now king.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): You need to gather soldiers before you can march to battle. We can collect gold and recruit soldiers from the throne room. Your Levy count will recover after a certain time, and you will increase your limit by leveling up your kingdom level. Your total fortune attribute will affect the gold received when you collect gold. Your total fortune attribute comes from your heroes, maidens, and children. Tap on the “collect button” to collect gold.
cheat, Step #2: Your total provisions attribute will affect the grain received when you collect grain. Your total provisions attribute come from your heroes, maidens, and children. You can compare your soldiers and military might to the enemy’s before the battle. You can view your military power and the army size of both sides. The higher military power you havem the fewer soldiers you will lose during combat. You can use the speed up button to skip to battle’s results.
King's Throne code, Step #3: Your heroes have different specialties, Gerald is a military hero. Tap on him to view his details. Your hero has 4 different attributes: military, fortune, provisions, and inspiration. These 4 attributes affect different aspects of the game. Military increases your military power in the campaign. Fortune increases gold received when you collect gold.
Step #4: Upgrade Gerard will increase your military power and strengthen you soldier. Boss battles are one on one duels between your heroes and the boss. You can recruit more soldiers at the castle and complete quests to get reward. Use the main quest to guide your progress and reward you handsomely.

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