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It is a time of chaos and strife. The realm’s five kingdoms have been warring with each other for as long as the scholars have kept records. Of these five kingdoms only yours, ruled by your father, knowns any semblance of order and justice...until that fareful night when the clash of metal and men’s screams rang throughout the city. Roused from your slumber, you rush from your chambers to the throne room.

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One look at the throne room’s antechamber sets your heart racing. Through the opened doorway you can barely make out an unmoving form seated upon the throne. The king, your father, lies dead on the throne before you, his killer still standing over his body. Slowly, the black clad knight turns his head towards you.
You draw your sword and defend yourself against the Black knight’s attack, parrying his blow and then striking back. The knight’s shattered helmer falls to the floor and his greasy black hair falls free. Suddenly, you find yourself standing face to face with your cousin, Brutus.

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These are dark times indeed, and the future of this city and kingdom depend on your decisions. But your won’t be alone, there are many who can advise you.
Marcello is a fortune hero and he will help you with gold levies. Level up Marcello to get more gold from gold levyies. Leveling a hero also requires gold. Coins can be used to level up your heroes.
Magnus - help you with keeping the granaries stocked. Your soldiers will need plenty of food, so be sure to collect grain often. I’ll do my best to make sure we get as much as we can.
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We'll need as many provisions as we can get going forward. We have a lot of work to do. Magnus specializes in Provisions which helps you collect more grain. Upgrade him to make him more effective.
Cyrano - you will need a grand army, and he shall help you recruit more troops. A strong army is our top priority in these troubled times. Cyrano specializes in inspiration which helps you recruit more soldiers. Upgrade him to make him more effective.

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  • Use royal decree seal to get extra royal decree.
  • Gerald specializes in military which makes your soldiers more effective. Upgrade him to make more effective.
  • You can also retreat from battle, or fast forward to the results screen.
  • Login for two consecutive days to unlock the brilliant Merlin.

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  • Gold - effect: mainly used to level up heroes. Source: dungeon, processions, levies, royal decrees, arranging marriages, codes.
  • Experience royal delights in medieval times.
  • Court desirable maidens; assemble legendary hero; raise your dynasty; conquer the land.

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