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King's Blood The Defense Game story: long ago, a nameless demon creeped into Isylvania. THe demon suddenly appeared to those of noble souls who were on the brink of despair, and granted them immortal powers and abilities beyond men - on the condition that they make a deal with it. The lord of Isylvania, Vlad, also made this demonic deal on the brink of death to protect his land and people, and in an unprecedented event, used his immortal powers to crush the grand army of the Yasman empire. But when the rumor that Vlad gained immortal powers to defeat the Yasman army seeped into nearby nations, including the Emperor, all who coveted immortality began to send expeditions so Isylvania with the pretext of “liberating Isylvania from the darkness’

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And so, countless expeditions bled and fell in Isylvania. From the first knights of Holy blood led by the emperor to the numerous expeditions from other nations, all fell helplessly to Vlad and his loyal vampire lords. Unwilling to acknowledge defeat, the emperor organized and sent an even larger expedition each time to Isylvania. Even through the nation’s coffers ran dry and the knights of Holy blood’s strengths was drained, the emperor did not relent.

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Press down on the infantry card on the bottom to summon the infantry. You can summon up to 3 infantry by holding down on the infantry card. The summoned troop can be ordered to charge to attack, or take a defensive stance against an enemy charge. You can gain attack x2, bloodstone gain x2, auto battle (from level 5), etc. with view ads or use cheat codes. The knight commander character can order a catapult attack every 30 seconds.
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Basic controls: press down on the troop card on the bottom to summon troops. Each unit type can defend from ally position, or charge towards the enemy line. Reinforced troops prepared in advance at the camp can be instantly placed when entering battle, their re-summoning time is shortened, and do not consume bloodstones. Knight commanders can attack the enemy with the catapult every 30 seconds.

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