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Greetings commander, thank you for heeding my call to arms. In these trying times we must band together to protect the kingdom. Assemble your best heroes, for your quest will be long and dangerous. You’ll find some fresh recruits over in the tavern. We need to build up our forces quickly. Let’s hire both of these eager recruits. Now we’re ready to set out on a mission. Meet you at the aircraft!

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World - this is a map of the outer kingdom. Bandits have been seen in the nearby forest, and we’ve been tasked with clearing them out. Let’s head to King’s Grove to test our new recruits in battle. By forfeiting the battle your heroes will return home, but you won’t receive any loot. Take gems as a reward for a job well done. Your heroes have also gained experience and leveled up! As heroes level up they become stronger in battle. Now we’re ready to press onward.

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THe bandits are definitely getting stronger. We’re going to need some new recruits if we hope to match their numbers. Meet me at the tavern before heading out on another mission. You can call in a new batch of recruits for free every so often. Let’s hire two more heroes to fill out our party.
Speaking of items, it’s time to upgrade your equipment. I’ll meet you at the forge. Medals - awarded by the king for completing missions. Used to upgrade items and promote heroes.
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In the forge you can view your items, and also upgrade them using medals awarded from battle. A hero needs to equip this item before it can be used in battle. In the guild hall you can view your heroes, as well as manage their equipment. Select a soldier to view more detailed information. Here you can see each hero’s level, stats, skills and equipment. Changing and upgrading equipment can improve a hero’s stats and skills as surely as training.

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