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Let me tell you some basic information that you need to win a battle. Destroy the castle of the opponent to the right before time runs out! And destroy the main castle in the center to win the battle immediately. The castles are categorized into 1 main castle and 2 forts. Destroy each fort to earn 1 point, destroy the main castle to earn 3 points. You can summon the heroes in bottom deck. YOu mana will be consumed upon summoning a hero.

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Mana gauge - your mana is also consumed by using a skill. This is the king of each race. The king has a rage gauge that will be filled after a certain number of friendly units are killed, and you can use the summoning skill. No mana is consumed for summoning a king, but it will disappear after a certain time. The 2 forts summon a troop automatically every 30 seconds. Defense tower - placed by the construction office. It is effective for defending friendly forces against attacks from the opponent. Tap the hero to summon. The skills of the hero will be displayed on the right.

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Race: human - this race is lead by Alexander, and it prioritizes fighting with honor. They fight with machine based weapons and equipment developed with advanced civilization.
Beast - this race is lead by Sun Wukong and is highly combative. They are adept at fighting with physical capabilities, sometimes drawing power from the folk religion.
Devil - this race is lead by the Vampire lord, and it uses powerful magic. They boast of great physical capabilities as well as magic and use special spells in a battle.
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Soldiers: Big hammer - a brave warrior attacking with a huge hammer. THe hammer is laden with the force of lightning for wide-area damages. Strikes enemies with a hammer laden with the force of lightning to stun them.
Battle ram - the siege weapon inflicts destructive damages with a first shaped pendulum. It can summon soldiers of the kingdom as its guards. Summons the royal guard to protect itself.

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Shop - it offers a special item every day so make sure to check it out! House of gift - visit here to win the victory box and explore reputation box. Mine gold and gems that you need to make progresses in the game. Port - use each dock to explore heroes to different areas to win a reward. Library - currently it offers the chapter information only but will be expanded later, so make sure to check it out! Bulletin board. It provides announcements of the town soon as they are confirmed. tAvk4h - supply box
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