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Free hack Kiss of War cheats code list - promotion, technologies, gold, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Kiss of War cheat world: we’ve taken our base back. Now it’s time to rebuild. Please check quests to take a look at your missions. I will show you how to complete them. Our army is getting larger. To accommodate more forces, we’ll have to upgrade our HQ and increase our efficiency. Upgrade the HQ to unlock more functions.

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Remember to utilize free speed up! Efficiency is an important factor in maintaining our dominance. Rang up - besides personal abilities. It’s also crucial to fit your agent with the proper gears. We’ve acquired some fine equipment from previous battles. Let’s select some for your agent! Cool, your agent has gotten stronger! The whole seto of B pieces of equipment has been collected.

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Characters: Jessica - from the UK 23, 170 cm, strong and independent. As a commander, she is skilled at leading APC forces. Compared to others, she can command more units to fight. Marjorie - from France 27, 175 cm, vigorous and unrestrained. As a commander, she is skilled at leading tank forces, and her troops march quicker than others’. Grace - from China, 22, 170 cm, a girl with a sense of nobility. She is highly educated and good at research and gathering resources.

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Captain, we must build our own army as soon as possible. So, the most pressing mission is to build an armory. Please set unit production assignments in the armory. Slide to control the number of units to produce. After that production will initiate. You can send agents and armored units to conduct missions together.

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