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Lieutenant, we got a critical situation. Our scouts discovered an enemy supply train, loaded with tanks and explosives. Powerful enough to wipe out all ally camps in this area. You must intercept and destroy it.
Sir, it is a fortress on wheels i need reinforcements, a hundred guns at least. Speaking of reinforcements, they are already here, special operation forces. Don’t be fooled by their looks. Yes, they are beautiful, but with them, looks can kill.

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Commander, we’ve besieged enemy elite troops. Destroy them to capture their supplies. Drag troops above the enemies and launch an attack. Well done, you’ve cut off an important enemy supply line. But we’re still at a critical juncture. Everyone, check the strategic map now.
just now, the invaders captured the government of the League of Nations, and they immediately built strong defensive lines around each capital city. I’ll help you with your daily assign,ents and base development.

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Our troops have returned to the base. Now we need to find an excellent officer to lead them. Here we are, the recruitment center, the best place to find talented officers. Let’s tru use code V0Jy2C - elite recruitment. The more officers, the better. They not only can lead troops but also assist in battle.
Next, let’s build a tank armory and start producing enough tanks for the next battle. The tank armory on the frontline is different from conventional armories. Slide to control the number of units to produce.
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Commander, we’ve found enemy troops marching towards us! We must speed up our tank production to defend against them. We’ve gained a lot of experience from battling. Our officers can enhance their abilities to the next level. Hero center - you can train officers here. They will battle more fiercely after training. Defeating invaders of iron behemoths can earn you experience items. You can also get XP items in the recruitment center.

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You can build the APC armory and steel mill. The APC armory can produce APCs, which will provide great flexibility in battle. The steel mill can produce steel which is a necessary resource to develop your base.
YOur officers have more talent points to be allocated. Leveling up officers will give you talent points, Use them to strengthen your officers. YOu’ve found warrior chest after defeating invaders. You can use it to get various reward items. OxMcMo - resources
e0DWgR - soul stone
smWii4 - speed up
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Hack TB1eda - artifacts
Cheat XznYNf - growth funds
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