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Kitty Catsanova cheat world: behond! You are a Kitty! Soft is thy fur, and twitchy are thy whiskers! Just look it your cute little face. But you aren't just any kitty. You have the making of greatness! For while there are many capable kitty comrades, only you can hone your cuteness to become the greatest snuggler in history - the catsanova! My name is Cheat-on, and i'm here to teach you everything you need to know. Let's begin your journey to become the android game.

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Alright, in order to become the game, the first thing you'll need are other Kitties to snuggle. Lesson 1: kitties come in baskets! there are a few different kinds of baskets, and different ways to earn them. You unlocked the dreamy Prince Nutmeg! his rarity is "common", but he's no commoner! New Kitties start out grouchy. It's up to you to be nice and figure out how to make their dreams come true. Just tap on the kitty tab.

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Next to Prince Nutmeg is a checklist of all the things he desires. If you fulfill them he'll level up, and you'll get a bunch of cool stuff. First up - heart points. they're easy! Everything you do rewards them - gifts, dates, even petting them. Tap on Nutmeg a few times to give him a pet. He loves it! you can also chat for some easy points too. It gives a nice burst, but also has a cool down (no one likes a chatterbox). YOur chat gets more powerful as you level up too. So keep practicing those sweet nothings.

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Now let's learn about gifts! There are two different kinds - treats, and crafts. Crafts are gifts you make by using time tokens. Treats are gifts you buy with Kitty kash earned from jobs. I'll show you how it works - tap the carfts tab first. Here are all the crafts you can make! Most are locked until a Kitty asks you for that craft, so they unlock one at a time. Each craft takes time tokens - which you get back when you pause the craft. Each craft has its own levels that go up over time. The higher the level, the faster you go. You'll also start earning automatic hearts with Kitties that love that craft, and unlock new jobs.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: job tab - right now the only job unlocked is catshier - which takes 2 time tokens. You've got plenty, so press play to start your career. If you want to work faster, you can tap or hold the job picture to speed it up! Alright, let's go check to see how your cranes are doing. Looks like you've got enough cranes to impress the prince. Let's pause that craft, so we can get our time tokens back. When you paused the craft, you freed up 2 time tokens. These numbers here show where your time tokens are being used - working, crafting or dating.

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Tutorial Kitty Catsanova (wiki): treat shop - here's where you'll buy your kitties treats to win their hearts. Tap on the bread roll and buy one. Note - the store can run out of stock. It gets some new stock every ten minutes, or you can spend a few Taiyaki for an insta stock! Dates all have different Kash costs, ranging from free to whoa Nelly. They also take time tokens and timers to finish. If you want, you can auto run a bunch of dates in a row (if you can afford them). Luckily the Prince hust wants a snuggle. So tap the snuggle date and let's finish his checklist.

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