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Knight Wars cheat world: i can smell death and decay here. What is this place? Maybe we should take a look around here. The unpleasant smell still lingers deep ahead. More powerful monsters may be lurking inside. Great, my blade is thirsting for blood. You don't remember how we entered here either? I've searching around this place, and the exit is nowhere to be found. We'll have to go deeper. There should be more of them inside, we should sharpen our weapons.

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these monsters are carrying gold. We could use them to upgrade our weapons. With better weapons, we will kill them in no time. Upgrade your helmet to increase skill damage. Upgrade your armor to increase defense, enabling your knights to survive tougher battles. Upgrade your gauntlets to increase accuracy, preventing creeps from dodging your attacks. Boots - to increase critical damage, making your critical hits more deadly.

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After defeating a boss, you'll get materials to rank up your gears with. You may upgrade your gears to enjoy higher stats bonus along with cooler looks after rank ups. It costs Moonlight stones to star up your gear, increasing their stats bonus and ratings. To rank up your gears, you'll also need starcore rank up stones. Once gears have been ranked up and upgraded, their max stats bonus from enchantment will also be raised! Don't forget to enchant them and activate their stats.

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You may combine runes with your skills and gain various effects, including freezing, stun, poison and drain. You may spend talent points to unlock and upgrade runes. Each skill has its unique set of runes. Choose your runes wisely to counter the powerful bosses.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Come back to game every day and win rewards. If you miss one day of sign-in, the progress will be reset. Rewards: pet chest, amazing wings, enchantment scroll, starcore rank up stone, talent point, diamond, golden feather, medals. Never through we could find new partners in thsi place. After your pets' total level reaches 300, you may send 2 pets into the battle. Hero DMG boost increased by 10%.

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Tutorial (wiki): if you acquire a pet that you're alrady owned, its level will be raised. Alchemist's potion - purchase this potion once to gain gold. Berserker potion - faster, and faster! this potion will make you unstoppable! Resurrection potion - use it to revive your knight with full HP.

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