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Welcome, i'm Drakeson. Sir cheat-on to you. Your guide and "mentor". And this? This is Astellan. The back-end of nowhere. Full of murderous bandits, savage beasts and worse. Let's see how you can handle that sword of yours. The locals have been moaning about giant boars roaming the local area. Why don't we hunt some down and you can show me your skills. Let's start with some basic attacks. Tap screen after an attack to chain attacks together. Tap the screen straight after the attack to continue the chain. Swipe to the right to perform a side attack on the adjacent enemy. Pretty good, but you must admit those boards were pretty weak. Follow me and i'll find you a stronger enemy to test your skills. You'll find many hunts throughout the land. Do as many as you want. You'll help the villagers and more importantly get new gear. Hunt monsters to win awesome gear.

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Knight's Rage  –  hack codes
Now, before we continue with your training. I have a small present for you...hack cheats code legendary chest. That's right – your own rage gauntlet. The stuff of legends and the true weapon of a rage knight. The ability to summon legendary heroes to fight by your side...The power of rage gauntlet is now all yours. That gauntlet is not just here to look pretty. It can prove a formidable weapon. Swipe up to launch a gauntlet attack. You can also mix swords attacks with gauntlet attacks. Give it a try. Remember, rage gauntlets contain the power of past heroes. The first thing to realise is that these heroes cannot be used whenever you wish. Your gauntlet needs to build up the power for each hero first by fighting.

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Knight's Rage  –  cheats secret bug
different heroes bring their own abilities to a battle. So picking the right ones at the right time can be the difference between winning and losing. Not only can the gauntlet attack and summon heroes, it can also build up rage. When it fills up, your heroes will be able to unleash all kinds of awesomeness. Continue attacking with your gauntlet to build up your rage. Quick, before you lose your rage, pick one of your heroes to unleash their rage power. You will need to take care of yourself for a while. Merchants and traders – visit to buy awesome gear and meet other players. One of many markets towns you'll encounter on your journeys. You can always come back when you've saved up some more gold.

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1. jmHvfDZkOa – gold coins
2. hs8mxTbJr5 – action points
3. iIwmJVH2CB – loot chests
4. wXDZMc4iaf – epic hero
5. tUh8L0vBzw - upgrade
6. 6VmA5YZ8cw – energy stamina
7. 6LrCBEL0JY – legendary weapon

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