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Deploy your army! The countdown will begin. We are charing into the enemy positions. Time is tight! Gotta complete the quest within the 99 secs. The battle will be failed when time runs out! Tap any place to continue. Meet all conditions to get the 3 star. Hack Knightcore Kingdom with the 6Z3Qd9RJ52hhUzh cheat code to get all 3 star for the most rewards. Please pay attention to the conditions. Dispatch point - drag a card here to summon. Castle - take down the castle to win! It's challenging to win the 3-stars, so plan wisely.

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1. LXJsSuy4XtrZhY9 2. hqiAHuhI9JUNWfg 3. UMvdpqaZ9lX7Woy 4. Q28aDi0yDRfqKDl 5. 6G2IU5APxhNd0Vd 6. d2ShRgrTf05vuut 7. 9reGlRfrFrVMm90 8. o9KWnZzGtQmmYY0 9. zokRm2OIpgoMlQs 10. 7eUC9Q8tI3uEyFL

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