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Knights & Dungeons cheat world: crystals are the continent's powerful energy source. Evil from the underground have sensed the incredible power. They rose up from the underworld and attacked, and took control of the crystals. However, brave warriors like you began to fight back. Some warriors have already gone deep into the dungeon, so you must hurry.

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Instructions: Tap and drag on the screen to move. Tap on the door button to enter the next room. Equip the knight broadsword you just got to improve your strength. Tap the screen to attack enemy. Tap on any position on the small map to quickly move to that point. Swipe the screen to roll and dodge attacks.

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The city provides basic services such as blacksmith, warehouse, and shops. Adventurers can complete with other players in the tournament, join co-op or guild to play with friends. Let's go an adventure and recapture the crystal towers together. Click battle to see the map of the world. Select crystal tower to start the adventure. Supply shop can provide you with much needed potions and other random useful items.

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Hp potion can recover your HP. Blue bottle can be used to recover MP. Click the key icon and use the key to open the treasure room. Killing all monsters in the Boss room will activate the portal, and you can use it to enter the next dungeon. If you find a soulbound table, it can be used to bind equipment. Remember, only bound equipment can be brought back to the city. One soulbound table can only be used once.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: the old blacksmith in city can now enhance equipment. The higher the enhancement level, the higher the equipment attributes. You've purified a crystal tower and activated the portal? In the next adventure, you can begin at the next crystal tower. With town portal scrol, return to the city safely with all your loot (gold, experience, skill points and soulbound items). Scroll up and down the city to view more of the city's functions.

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