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Knights of Nations cheat world: friends since childhood, your future with Avril has always been fated. However, family differences have caused put stress on the relationship, and last night you fled the family home after fighting with your father. I can hear screams from the village ahead. Here, take this weapon and defend the village. I will head around the back road to cut off any per petrators trying to escape. Good luck in your journey, chosen one!

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In front of his father's remains, he held a wrinkled letter in his hand. "Dear hero, i am not your biological father, you are offspring of the eternal knights family Acatero. YOur feud, the Belur family colluded with the demons and found me, and slaughtered the whole village. Fortunately you left here at that time..." The inheritance of the family, the ring of eternality, is put in your toy box. Find it and keep it. Please forgive me that i can no longer stay with you. Poor Avril was taken away by Benboerba of the demons. She has been waiting for you all the time. You must save her.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: spirit awakening - eternal power awakens, and transform function is activated. In the battle, you can get energy. After the energy is full, you can transform into an eternal knight. The attack becomes a pack attack, and the attributes are greatly enhanced.
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