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Kings of Space Game story: be part of the great journey to the stars and develop your colony into a powerful kingdom with many planets. I Help you to build your first base. We need space for settlers, a hydro farm for food and a quantum crystal mine for our industry. Well, now our settlers need protection. Barracks are living and training rooms for our soldiers. A small space port enables us to build space ships. Select the spaceport to build your first spaceships. Press the production button four times to build four fighters. Accelerate the construction with extra spacecoins for the workers.

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We are detecting unidentified objects as they approach our base. We’ve just been attacked by aliens. Our sensors are detecting unusual activity on one of our neighboring planets. Our troops are operational and awaiting your attack order.
I can provide you all information about our colonies and planets. Explore our galaxy (soloplayer) or discover other galaxies and civilizations (multiplayer). Build laboratories, observatories and workshops and expand our base!

Kings of Space cheats, hack codes

Construction: the administration of the planet is coordinated in the main base. Expand the base to unlock more buildings, units and upgrades. Soldier habitat - the members of our starfleet are living in this building. The larger the fleet, the more living space is needed. Worker habitat - this is where the settlers wo build our buildings and mine our ram materials live. Spaceport - the smallest space shipyard produces our first the shipyard to unlock more ship types and construction slots.
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Quantum crystal storage - this is where their mined quantum crystals are stored. It is strategically important, because your opponents can steal crystal from this building. Hydro farm - produces food to supply the residents. Research projects also need hydro substance. Quantum crystal mine - the legendary quantum crystals for the energy of ship propulsion and other technological developments are mined in this building.

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