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Wait, are you lost? I nod at the blue fox on my shoulder, but not before looking around to make sure nobody’s watching. Which one’s class 3-d? Don’t ask me. This is why you should’ve just waited, genius.
Whose bright idea was it to “just walk around for a bit”?
YOu want me to do something with my power? Look, i’m a demon, not a miracle worker! “oh, help me Mon-chan, you’re my only hope”...? Really?

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Did you hear a weird scream around here after class yesterday? There’s a rumor going around about the curse of Mikoto. Now that’s a pretty dangerous word to just throw around. In this dimension, you can intervene in your target’s mind and fill it up.
You see round panels to the left? Those are Kotodama, the power of words made manifest with your ability. Select a panel, and it will warp to the top of its column. You can clear panels by connecting three matching panels either horizontally or vertically, allowing you to strike with the power of words.

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Pay attention to the uppermost row. Those panels may be selectable, but they can’t be warped. Even if you could warp them, there’d be no point. They’re already at the top. Instead, you can swap those panels out of different ones. Use panel warps to weave combos, and you’ll please the target, filling the happy gauge.
Oh, and by the way, obstacle panels can’t be moved, but they’re cleared when you clear any adjacent panels.
Kotodama wiki
Each warp or swap consumes one move. Fill the happy gauge before the move counter reaches 0, and you’ll successfully fill the target’s mind.
Target’s favorite attribute - come in five different attributes, each corresponding to the different powers words can possess. Favorite attribute panels are marked with a symbol. Now look at the challenge gauge. As the gauge fills, the challenge count will go up. You can issue a challenge by spending one challenge count to increase your number of moves. Each of four icons have their own differences. Icons that are likely to succeed will only yield low recovery.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Icons that are unlikely to succeed will yield high recovery.
  • Learn the differences between the icons, and know which icon is right for the job at hand.
  • Sometimes when you fail a challenge your target will get mad at you. When they get mad at you, they'll launch hindrance attacks.
  • Clear a bunch of panels and a special panel will appear. Special panels activate when you select them, and do not consume any moves.
  • The bomb cleared every panel in its row and column. It can clear any panels besides other special panels.

Kotodama tips
Hack cheats tutorial Kotodama(wiki): By chaining combos and clearing lots of panels, you’ll find lots of useful special panels, like count lock, which temporarily prevents the move counter from decreasing. Power, which increases Kotodama damage, and roulette, which clears all panels of a randomly selected attribute.
You’ll want to keep advancing the gauge level by level. Each time you do, you’ll recover some moves. When the number of moves hits 0, you will be returned to the title screen. Be careful, you will have to start over from your save.
Kotodama tutorial

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