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Kung Fu Clicker cheat world: greetings, you're the new apprentice starting today. I am .. or was Grandmaster Cheat-on. Due to my current predicament, you're been promoted to Dojo Master! Our minimart dojo was left in bad shape after the last raid by Shadow fang. It's time to restore it to its former glory! But to begin your work, you must start with a fresh mind.

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I'm not much use in my current "condition", but my granddaughter should be around here. With your help, we can make this dojo better than before. Let's start with the basic - let's use gold to open the sparring room. This room earns 2 gold every 3 seconds from students. Upgrade the room to get more students, which means more gold.

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Easy, huh? Business really isn't my jam, but it looks like it suits you just fine. Investing in your dojo is important. Keep building and upgrading more rooms.Oh, look, the fortune teller is here. Have you met? She says she can read your fortune and improve your luck. Don;t worry, your fortune is free. Let us see what the wheel has to say about you today. What good fortune! Gold production is now in overdrive for 2 hours.

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Be sure to drop by if you need to boost the daja's income. If you keep improving the dojo, we will be able to defeat enemy. Keep upgrading your rooms to deal more damage to them. Word got around quick - someone wnats to join our dojo! It's han burger! He's a master! Masters are martial artists with special abilities. You need to assign Han to a room.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Masters can help defend the dojo from those who dare attack us. Shadow Fang were fast as lightning, a little bit frightening, but Han had expert timing. He learned a lot from battle. Let's level him up. Level up masters to make them stronger. Find more duplicates in chests. You can use gems in the future to get more chest from hack shop.

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Tutorial (wiki): I have one more thing to teach you: how to transcend and become stronger than before. Transcend - this resets your dojo. You'll lose your rooms and gold, but keep your masters and celestial items. When you transcend you start over, with a new dojo, in exchange for CHI. Chi is used to purchase celestial items - permanent bonuses to this life and the next.

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