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In the unexplored land of Astraea, there lies a labyrinth in which a mysterious treasure sleeps. It is called the Labyrinth of the witch, created by the power of the great witch Morgaine.
Legend has it that the depths of the labyrinth conceal a mystical stone that grants its holder one wish. Many an adventurer has chased that rumor.
However, few are those who have made it to the end. For due to Morgaine’s magical power, the labyrinth changes each time it is entered. Now, yet another adventurer sets their sights on Astraea...

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Tap the directional arrow keys to move your character. You can pick up items on the ground. Obtained items can be used from your backpack via the bag icon. Use a health potion Labyrinth of the Witch health potion to recover lost HP. Tap the sword icon to attack any monster in the direction that you are facing. Weapons Labyrinth of the Witch hack: weapons, shieldsLabyrinth of the Witch hack: shields, and accessories are equipable items. Equip them from your backpack via the bag icon.

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When fighting multiple monsters, try to retreat to a battle neck and take them on one by one. There are traps hidden throughout each dungeon. As long as the trap isn’t broken, it will eventually reactivate. You can damage far away enemies by shooting an arrow. Equip or shoot arrow from your backpack, or tap the bow icon to shoot equipped arrows.

Labyrinth of the Witch wiki
Gain experience by defeating monsters. Once you gain enough EXP, your level will increase, strengthening your HP and attack power. You can toggle dash mode on or off by pressing the * button. Dash mode can also be disabled via the options menu. By pressing and holding the * button, you can choose the direction your character is facing as well.

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  • When your HP reaches 0 from taking damage, your adventure will end in failure. You can quickly recover lost health by drinking a health potion.
  • Crystals that each contain the soul of a monster. Unleash its unique power upon use. Similar to items, crystals cannot be brought out of the dungeon, so be sure to use them.
  • return safely to town by touching the crystal at the bottom of the dungeon. Your level will reset to 1, but you will retain any items gathered on your adventure.

Labyrinth of the Witch tips
Tutorial Labyrinth of the Witch(wiki):
  • Home screen will serve as the base of your adventure. Why not begin by selecting dungeon? You can also need out an expedition to gather items while in a dungeon.
  • It is possible to transfer items between your backpack and storage. Be sure to store valuable and powerful items and take them out when you need them most.
  • Keep pushing for more rev before the day ends at 18:00. A higher day end rev will raise your report rating and give you better rewards.
  • Expedition select - here you can send Blev out on an expedition. After some time has passed he will return with items. Expedition tickets are required for special expeditions.

Labyrinth of the Witch tutorial

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fix error with the server, bugs, lags, crashes. Select a dungeon to begin your adventure! Aside from the standard dungeons, you can also learn how to play on the puzzle dungeon, or beat the clock in the speedrun dungeon.
Labyrinth of the Witch tips to repair
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