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A legendary kingdom on the ends of this world - Kanata. Terrifying monsters lurk in this kingdom. THe lost royal treasure is hidden in the cursed labyrinth here. Rumors of this treasure spread amongst the people from an unknown source. Many adventurers make their way to Kanata. Some in search of treasure, while others seek adventure. However, not one of these adventurers have made it back alive. Now a single adventurer, has made their way to the kingdom of Kanata.

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Welcome, you appear to be a novice to these adventures. As a veteran, i’ll teach you the basics of adventuring. Let’s start with movement. Swipe the left side of the screen to move! Tap the icon on the bottom right of the screen to attack.Defeat the incoming enemies. Sometimes you need to strengthen your defenses. Tap and hold the shield icon and guard against enemy attacks. Guarding consumes MP. You will not be able to guard if you run out of MP. Landing attacks will replenish your MP. Oh? It looks like your HP is decreasing. You will collapse if you run out of HP. Tap the potion icon on the top right to heal up.

Labyrinth Legend cheats, hack codes

You can only hold a certain number of potions. Potions that you have used are automatically replenished upon the completion of an adventure. You won’t be able to get very far with those drabby weapons and armor of yours. I’ll give you my old gear. There’s no point in having weapons or armor unless you Equip them. Tap the menu button on the top left. First, select the weapon i just gave you. Next, select the slot you wish to equip it to. Weapons can be held in either hand. Let’s equip it to the left hand for now. Okay, now to equip your armor. Select the suit armor. Armor can be equipped to your body. Select the part to equip it to and then tap it.
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Defeating an enemy with a key icon on it will open the door to the exit. Defeat the enemy and get outta here. Are you headed to the Labyrinth? Be careful, there are swarms of monsters on the other side of this bridge. Why don’t you shore up your equipment in the blacksmith next door before you head on your adventure? Also, buying up some potions at the general store when you’ve collected some coins on your adventures will make battles easier.

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