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NOC army attacked twilight, in the name of dragoon, kill them! The guardians of twilight town suffered hige losses, we are afraid that we cannot organize a qualified counterattack team. I will try my best to resist the nocturnal’s attack you find a way to retreat. Now you are on your own, don’t give up, believe in yourself. The barrier is put which envelope the twilight town and some of NOC army will be blocked outside the barrier.

Land of Doran hack

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Imp will give you 50% experience bonus and pick up item automatically. The experience bonus of the imp character has to be equipped to take effect. It can’t only be put in the backpack, remember that. Dragon trail - suggest power 18. Pass notice: dodge skill in advance, wear cherub can reduce 20% damage. Every time complete dragon trial can get a powerful passive skill.

Land of Doran cheats, hack codes

Complete dragon trial 2, activated unruly wind passive skill, moving speed +20%. Dragon trial 3 - activated life carol skill, every 10 seconds heal HP point (necessary healing skill for attacking boss). Through unremitting efforts, promote mount to R15 star, activated life regain code, power increases. Mount cheats: magic fast chariot, hell incubus, redwing dragon, clown motorcycle, Alpaca, Moonlight, Cavalry of blade, Flame scorpion, Reindeer, fire phoenix, irisation mount, Seraphim, heart seeking, Steam age, Husky, - z33CFp. After coming soon mount rune to unlock more strong skill.
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Character tier list: archer - comes from elves’ forest. She is good at archery that can hit enemies from distance. Mage - is from Ivory tower of Luminocity. She is wise and the master of magic. Warrior - comes from Dawn city. He is the master of fencing, can use sword skills to attack enemies. Buddy Skin password: Apollo, Poseidon, Hades, Pandora, Athena, Zeus, Venus - gh38Np, Buddy talent code - 09kjHf, rune - kKnbf1

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Haunted guardian - melee attack enemy ground units. Reiver Demon - flies in the air and melee AoE attacks both ground and air enemies. Allied units within range are sacrificed when summoned. Planeswalker is excluded. The summoned unit becomes more powerful as more allies are sacrificed. The best pact with demons are the ones never forged.
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