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Land of Glory Game civilizations: The Aegean - is famous for its superior metallurgical skills, impressive boatmaking skills and magnificent temples. Its open and inclusive atmosphere makes its cities paradises on earth.
The nile civilization exists in a desert oasis in the south. Arable land and rivers are scarce here but it is rich in gold and gems. The warriors here don’t fear death as they believe in the afterlife.
The East asian civilization has existed for several millennia on this continent and the whole world is crazy for its porcelain and silk. Even so, people know very little about this mysterious civilization.

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Holy mountain outpost Lorraine: thick with black fog and strewn with remains. Seize it for access to the Holy mountain and the artifact, Golden Apple. Only one hero managed to reach the Holy mountain in two hundred years. Many have tried to duplicate the feat only to fail. Will you succeed?
What’s this? This city has been shrouded in endless black fog and a pair of huge, cold eyes are peaking through the fog! Defeated by the fog, many of your brother fall to the black fog. You lead the survivors on a journey of escape.

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We finally find a spot to stay in the forlorn land. Upgrade abandoned camp so that people can rest here! Everyone is exhausted and in sore need of supplies. Let’s build the resource buildings first. Explore the sentry tower shrouded in black fog. A fog covers this derelict sentry tower. A mysterious treasure that many covet seems to be hidden inside. After choosing deployment, we can go directly to the exploration spot. Time’s running out. We must finish training soldiers as soon as possible. In an emergency, tap cheat code to finish training soldiers immediately.
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Your scouts are ready to explore the fog! Let’s search all the other unknown areas in case we missed any dangers. Encounter - the fog swirls around the city, preventing the scouts from tracking the beast, which means it cloud still be nearby. You can train elite troops before searching again or charge into the fog now. Train troops as you’ll need them to keep you safe. The scout tracks the monster into the fog. YOu must search every inch of the land.

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You are chosen by the Scales of Glory and will become a consul on the continent of glory. Use your wisdom and courage to lead your civilization to prosperity and eternity. This continent, which was once protected by the god of light, is now enveloped in darkness. Here, risks and opportunities coexist. You will be able to expand your city and complete for precious resources; or venture into the deep dungeons to challenge a wa lunatic. You can explore ruins in search of treasure, look for incredible heroes, or investigate the history of civilization’s decline.
Moreover, on this continent, you will be able to find companions who share the same ideas and form strong alliances with other consuls and fight against opponents in epic battles. Finally, you may go to the center of the continent to challenge the Sacred mountain which represents victory and glory. MEjqyS - supply box
2VlbSU - treasure chest
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2qIto3 - vip status
4gT1mu - star tokens
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