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We’re finally out of danger and we can finally rest. The enemies are on the retreat and are losing morale. Send troops to Nemea forest. Click battle button and we will enter the selection of the city interface. Click the formation and it will help you to set up the hero quickly.
Our troops are moving too slowly! Can’t we make them march a little faster? Take boosted march codes to get your troops moving faster.

Land of Kings hack

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First, let’s build houses to hold your reserve troops. House - produces troop reserves per hour. Reserves are used to replenish your heroes’ forces. Market, mill - produces resources per hour. Silver is used to construct and upgrade buildings. Bread is used for marches, battles, and scouts. Upgrade your castle to increase the defenses of your city.

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1. i2jf3r9Kmb - level up
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My Lord, your city’s tropp reserves are lacking. Use one summon cheat engine to get 10000 reservists now (20 remaining today).
When the city caught fire, it was in a state of war. Click the city to watch the battle.
Heroes may take damage from multiple negative status effects at once. Remaining duration is based on the duration of the last effect casted.
At the start of a match, players under rank of Lord Knight will receive 1 hour of protection, while players above rank of lord knight will receive 2 hours of protection. During that time their starting city max not be attacked.
Land of Kings wiki
There are plenty of cities and enemies in this new battlefield. Use the force book as a guide to victory. The force book will grant you rewards as you complete certain tasks. Let’s finish these easy goal by defeating an opponent. Capture all cities occupied by the enemy to claim victory.
Battle resources: bread, silver, and troop reserves are resources for battle. The system will assign resources at the start of a match. Resources will reset at the end of a match.

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4 2OgR2s4LSM promo code
5 7GTRMMtkjE gift box
6 Hn01fGbkyb gold coins
7 FWNBINlQfX month card
8 TewcDNHH00 premium pack
9 LnsLiuHkGi soul stone
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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • increase your rank to increase your heroes' ascension cap.
  • Kill players of higher levels to earn more rank points.
  • Gold and diamonds are not battle resources and will not be affected.
  • Your EXP - majesty EXP is used to increase your own level. Earn EXP by defeating more players, surviving for a longer time, and by occupying more cities.
  • Winning EXP - earn victory to receive additional EXP.
  • Use your hero experience reserves to upgrade heroes. Earn more by killing troops. You may have up to 1 million hero EXP in your reserves.

Land of Kings tips
Hack cheats tutorial Land of Kings(wiki):
Your level - earn majesty experience to increase your own level. You will need to increase your rank to increase your level cap.
Your rank - you will earn rank points by occupying a player’s last city. Your rank will be promoted once you earn the required amount of rank points. You will lose rank points and be demoted if you lose too many times.
Getting heroes - you may use hero contractes for normal recruit or spend diamonds to use recruit II. You may also open hero packs of varying qualities.
Land of Kings tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Land of Kings: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, resources.

Hero level: spend your experience reserves to upgrade your heroes. A heros level may not exceed your own.
Conquer the land, get the rewards! Rule: when you join the battle for the first time on each day, you can receive a reward for match rewards. Awards: you can receive up to diamonds per day as a reward for your match.
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