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This is a quaint town in a little land far away. have you heard about the Golden forest here? It’s said there’s a radiant forest with a golden effulgence. Its source - a golden tree at the center of the labyrinth of trees. Many adventurers came pursuing dreams of riches, but none were able to discover it.
This town was established at the labyrinth’s entrance as a base, but as adventurers dwindled, it was abandoned and forgotten. It appeared as if waiting for the last adventurer to arrive, after which it would simply disappear from history, forever.

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Controls: performing standard attacks. Press repeatedly to combo up to 5 times. This can destroy breakable blocks. You can attack upward and downward. These can also destroy blocks. You can jump multiple times in a row. The action gauge at the top is used for performing class skills.

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Entering the labyrinth: first, head to the guid Co. to pick up a quest. After you get a quest, speak to the Lift operator. You can recruit party members with the guid co. You can bring up to 4 members into dungeons. Prepare for your expedition by equipping gear in equip menu. Weapons and armor can be equipped in these slots. Snacks can be equipped here - other.
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Recruit more members to your party through the guild. Recruit at least four adventurers to fill your party. You can edit your party formation through the main menu.
As you attack enemies, voltage rises. When voltage reaches max, the leader will be galvanized with high voltage. High Voltage - grants a temporary buff depending on the class. Class abilities are improved for a certain period of time.

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  • Whenever you pick up treasures and items, the counter rises. Higher treasure combo increases treasure points.
  • Treasure points - the higher your treasure combo, the higher number of treasure points you'll receive when you pick up treasures. If you get hit by enemies, your treasure combo will reset.
  • Treasure points influence your quest result grade.
  • When your fever gauge fills up all the way, fever mode is activated for a limited time.
  • As you defeat enemies and open chests, you'll get fever items. Collect as much as you can!
  • While fever mode is active, you're invincible. Attacking enemies will also drop fever gems. Fever slots - when you collect enough fever gems, the fever slots start spinning, giving you free beneficial gifts.

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There are 13 different types of fever gifts you can get. Some of them include buffs and heals, among others. Check your fever gifts in dungeons in the pause menu. Fever gifts only last for the current quest. Once you exit the dungeon, the fever gifts expire.
Snack time occurs during the floor results screen. This is where you can use your equipped snacks. Consuming snacks at the floor results screen provides various effects. The number of uses refill after returning to town.
Sealed treasures - completing quests offers you magical sealed treasure chests. To unseal them, you need special keys.
Number of keys in possession - you get keys during quest results. Depending on your grade, you’ll get a varying number of keys. Chests require this many keys to unseal. Once you run out of keys or when you can’t open any, the phase ends.
Lapis li Abyss tutorial

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Making an adventurer! As the party manager (you), you manage a small party. Make a leader and a member in character creation! You can change your decisions later.
Hunter - descendant of a shadow dwelling clan. Wounds sustained from her precious knives erase enemies out of existence. A graceful close range sorceress.
Bishop - a devout missionary and godly servant. Underestimate her physical strength, and you’ll pay more than just alms. versatile class who can heal and attack.
Necromancer - she’s mastered the forbidden arts. Toys with opponents with synchronized attacks from her familiars. magic spells stop foes approaching.
Shield - wields an impenetrable shield. His tough, bulky body is capable of withstanding any attack. Exceptional at both offense and defense.
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Mald - a legendary housemaid. has a smile warmer than the sun., but deadlier than a demon. She excels at weakening enemies.
Gunner - an outlaw who wanders the badlands. Overwhelms loes with a flurry of bullets from his custom made dual pistols. Boasts peerless ranged combat prowess.
Witch - a mage with unknown origins. No being is capable of standing against the wrath of her ancient magic. She blankets wide areas with her spells.
Destroyer - a dark swordsman cloaked in mystery. A single strike from his greatsword can topple even giants. has low speed, but immense power. how and where enter
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