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Last Epic cheat world: you had a strange dream. The same one he had the night granny died. With the full moon engulfing the night sky. No matter what cruel fate awaits you. As long as you never give uo, you will overcome it. Granny's comforting voice suddenly disappeared. And this strange girl's voice. Whose voice is this? The earth shook, and a sudden loud awakened you from yours dream. Thunder and lightning echoed outside the window. SOmething was happening...

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First of all, the shrine where you just summoned the saints is "summon". When you need a new ally, this is where you need to go. Then, get those saints who have joined up with you and add them to your battle team - tap the formation building. The formation screen is where you can set up your saint formation. Formations are divided into front row and back row. Back row saints will take less damage than saints in the front row. Please plan your formation based on the chharacteristics of your saints.

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When you come across an enemy that you can't seem to defeat, you may be able to adjust lineup and see much better results. During battle, you can choose to summon friends to help you. Be careful! After summoning a friend, you won't be able to summon them again immediately. Make more friends to help you at critical points throughout your adventure. First of all, let me teach you how to fight. Listen up! The icon on lower - right corner shows the character's current skill. The upper right corner shows the range. The lower left icon shows the damage type, with numerals indicating the mana cost.

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The blue bar below shows the character's current mana. You cannot use skills for which you don't have sufficient mana. Mana is recovered per turn through certain actions. If you want to master the best tactics, you first need to understand your team's skills. Remember to check a skill description before deciding a cource of action. Characters: Sigurd -brave and wise dragon slayer. A good attacker to a boss or enemies. Beowulf - the hero who killed Glendale and his mother. A reliable protector with frozen sword. Heraclus - son of Zeus, who completed 12 impossible missions. A formidable rival with limitless power. Fionn - leader of Fiona knights, with great wisdom and fighting skills. With ability of self recovery and control.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: about summoning - summoning can be carried out using gemstones or summon tokens. Try to get a rare saint. About hack dismantling - you can get fragments from dismantling surplus saints. Fragments can be used for saint awakening. Saint upgrading - uses attribute upgrade materials and gold. Attribute upgrade materials can be obtained from the illusion maze. About energy - consumed when on quests. Automatically regenerates over time, when hack, or when using energy potions.

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Tutorial (wiki): about rewars boxes - various rewards can be obtained from the bonus box. Don't forget to check it regularly. Equipment - even it two pieces of equipment are the same, additional attributes will not have the same effects. Upgrading equipment level will unlock additional effects. About the arena - choose 6 saints to fight against opponents in randomly - matched battles. The battles are automated, but there is a limit to the number of challenges you can make per day.

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