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Free hack Last Escape cheats code list - garage, troops, money, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Last Escape cheat world: commander, private E-2 Yomi comes to report. Mission completed! We have successfully attracted a large number of dead that surrounded our school. After this mission, we can’t return to the school in the short term. Hope our friends who stay in the school will be all well and hope attracting these dead to here will protect them. The base has just been built and the defense facilities have not yet been perfected. If we continue in this way, everyone will die.

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Listen to me. Speed up the recovery of base productivity. Prioritize the needs of Garra’s team now! First, construction vehicle needs a garage. We need main road to link buildings and HQ. Please keep an eye on the city planning. Please drag the building to the green square according to the guidelines. With the construction vehicle, we can quickly build other buildings. We should first ensure the water supply of the troops.

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Commander, we’re received an SOS from the survivors! They’re heading to our base now. Looking forward to meet them! Go use the mack to transport purified water and food to the cafeteria. The dining hall will distribute the stored food and water to the residents in the city. Please keep enough food and water reserved. As long as there is enough food, more survivors will join us and the population will rise.

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Buildings: Wind turbine - will produce a steady stream of electricity but with low production capacity. Oil well - vehicle, buildings, technology: they all run on fuel! Oil wells produce fuel for our city. Power plant - all of the buildings in the city needs electricity to operate. Power plants can provide electricity. Refinery - provides us with iron constantly. Institute - where technologies are researched, research these technologies will help us survive. Communication center - will help us scout out many useful information.

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