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A frightening virus has infected the world. Millions of people have turned into zombies. Zombies have even begun to mutate. Turning them into super zombies with special powers. Zombies threaten humanity's existance. The population is in freefall! Survivors have taken up arms to fight against zombies. YOU are among them!

On the way back to the shelter, I met a trapped survivor and had to help her. Protective clothing worn by Guard Zombies is full of flammable gas, which will explode near survivors. Survival is not easy task. Head to the supply point up ahead. Move the joystick to move the hero. Keep going! Climb over the obstacle. Pick up ammo boxes to replenish a large amount of ammo.

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hack Last Survivor Zombie Shooter Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Predators are nimble and fierce monsters that prey on survivors by pouncing on them. Poison Zombies are covered with green ooze and have terrifying sharp claws. You will erupt into a pool of poison upon death. Tap to switch weapons. Your pistol is out af ammo! Switch to another weapon.

cheat Step #2: Use obstacles on the map to maintain a safe distance from enemies. We need to search this area for food, but there may be danger lurking here. Shotgun - As the most powerful primary weapon for close-range combat, select this gun to get up close and personal with the enemy. The glowing circle indicates increased accuracy! Higher accuracy increases chance to headshot! Mod weapons to increase their strength.

code Step #3:Need more gold? Go to the Mail! Free supplies in the Mall refresh daily. Don't miss out! There are troops stationed at the city gate, but looks like they're in trouble too. Use a [Flamethrower] to clear the zombies on the way! Guard Zombies will explode around you. Get out of the way! Grenades blow zombies to pieces!

Last Survivor Zombie Shooter Step #4: Some ruins contain large red oil barrels. Ignite them to cause a large explosion. Zombies are up ahead. Use a [Grenade] to clear them out! When outnumbered, use obstacles accordingly to wipe them out! Use remote near Fuel Barrels to detonate. Approach and ignite the [Oil Barrel] to cause an explosion. Ignite the explosive barrel up ahead just like that time.

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  • Giant Infected are much larger than ordinary innfected, thus have higher HP. Attack to stun them and safely attack at close range.Special ability - Chance to Stun for 4 seconds when attacked.
  • Hell: 10 Lucky point will be added for each draw; any in-app purchase during the event period will give you additional lucky point.
  • Weapon Supplies - Randomly receive one of the following 3 * or 4 * weapons: Peach Colt, M4-LOVC, SPORTS, Stapler, Euler, Darwin.
  • Doomsday Token - Unlock more rewards and more rewarded missions. Get 5 AD Coupons each day. Doomsday Token 25% off! Unlock Doomsday Tablets and gain +5 levels! Get 5 AD Coupons each day!
  • Pistols are useful secondary weapons for dealing with single zombies and have a high probability to headshot in close-ranged combat.
  • Weapon Coins are a rare resource that can be exchanged in the Black Market.
  • Red Clip - Primary weapons consist of SMGs, shotguns, and snipers. [Red Ammo Boxes] contain the corresponding ammo.
  • Use [MTRL Packs] to unlock survivors, who provide [Credits]. Use [Credits] to spped up the floor construction. Earn amazing rewards when Build Meter is full.
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